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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Hey, guys been a while *again T-T* so sorry, but i did change my theme! and did i mention i'm grounded, sooo stupid!!!!!! So i have to sneak into the comp. lab and school, after school tom. to get to your sites, but if i don't that means i got caught ;)
anyways i added 2 videos, one is xmas, and one is Final fantasy *i think* and i tried to make that snow effect but it won't work!!! i did all that in like 5 mins! oh i also added a new song, hope you guys enjoy.
by the way sorry it takes sooo long for my page to load, at least on this comp. it does, everytime i wanna change pages it takes soooooo long!!
well i gtg! sorry, take care, and have an awesome rest of the day :D

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