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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's weird that i am updating this cuz no one will probably even look at it but i guess i have some things to say.
Im taking these really stupid art classes that my dad paid $129 for. This guy is not teaching me anything!!
I'm going to Anime Punch in Apirl.It will be my 3rd con. It is going to be fun and im going with my friends, im so happy!
Im going as my original character Raine from "lee's angel" she is really from an orginial story i keep starting and stopping.

Yesterday was free hugs friday and i got hugs from all my guy friends! They are so good to me ^.^

Man i hate internet assholes. I got some crappy comment on my comic for no good reason at all! damnit i hate that guy! I think it is a good story...and he said something on my one of my posts on myotaku..that i deleted. I reported him and he got banned so Ha.ha.HA. Whose laughing now jackass!!

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