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you know i think its time for a new look here you go guys
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

omg it was like i was dead. anyway...hi. ok alot of stuff has happened in my life sence i last posted . ive thrown a lock...ive kicked people iive seen the FMA movie...(so sad) I HATE NAZIS!!!. my new word is fralic and i LOVE THE ANIME LOVELESS!!!!! bye
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Saturday, August 5, 2006

im sorry i dont update as much as i use to. the reson for it really.
well anyway i wanted to ask if any of you have ever read/seen/heard of the da vinchi code? i just got done with the book and i went to see the movie. let me tell you if you havent read it DO IT NOW!!!! its great and i know alot of people on this site will love it.
also PANIC! AT THE DICO WOOT!!!! lovly music. even my grandma likes it. she was over here about a week ago and she watch "i write sins not tragadies' and when it was done she said she loved it. weird.but what can you expect she loves stewy from family guy too. my grandma is way cooler then your grandma. HA...HAHAHAHAHA...ha
P.S.i have a page on devaintart.com go here http://irmfs.deviantart.com/

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

oh my hell. wow it has been like years sence ive last posted. waa im sorry.im really really sorry to you all. ok what new in my life hhhhmmmm? oh yes. i got a dog. a cute little begual(sp?) puppy. her name is grutrud (what a god awful name) and shes well...saten. she eats every thing. also ive got a huge ass scar across my arm now. my sister pushed me off a rope wing during the 4th of july and i landed on a rock. see its summer and not alots been going on really. *sigh*
im so bored.
anyway i leave you with some saying i fined enjoyable.
"you locked inside a world thats planed out just for you"
"im not tragic just sinful"
"i suck at life...but im wicked cool"

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Friday, May 26, 2006

yes its summer *woot* im so happy T_T
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Saturday, April 22, 2006

ok sorry for not being on for a while
anyway... ive am moved. allthe way no more packing and unpacking. yay. but it sucks cuse i have to go to a diffrent school...AGAIN!!!.but life could be worse.i went to a party last week and we had some weird people there. the party was for a girl named megan who is sorta a prep sorta a punk/gothish person so shes ok. but i had to put up with normal poeple all night. i almost broke down and srtated to yell when they all (the preps) wanted to call all there sisters boyfriends and say that there sisters were pregnet (sp?) but there were some goths and punks there so it was cool. in the morning there were only 3 of us left so we went swimming in the creak behined her house. i almost got bitten by a snake. *shiver* i love snakes. also other then that i got my report card and it said that i had an F in one of my core classes. so now i have to go to summer school *blah* thats really all later

~The Twisted~

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