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Hello. I am The Shadow, you may call me Shadow. Do you wonder why I am called Shadow? It's because I am nothing more than a shadow... an image of my former self... But please, don't mind my sadness for within me there lies true happiness, I just have to find it. Until then I shall greet you with a humble smile so please, enjoy your stay and sign my guessbook if you like.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hi!! i finally got internet at my house ^_^ so now i can be on here for as long as i like! ^_^ so a lot has happened to me recently and i think most of them are pretty bad.

i believe i told all of you that i got a boyfriend ^_^ he was a really nice guy and i had a lot of fun hanging out with him and his many friends. and yes, i said "was" and "had" cuz we broke up. we broke up and got back together like... 5 times within the course of a few weeks? yea, i went through a lot of feelings and other stuff within those few weeks (like i stopped talking to my best friend for about a week, got all of my ex-boyfriend's friends to hate me, so on and so forth) what made me feel really bad was that he dumped me not becuz his parents told him to but becuz he liked another girl before me and wanted to be with her. the reason why he broke up and got back together with me so many times becuz he didn't know if he cared for me more or the other girl. a lot of my friends say he was being immature about everything and breaking up with me over the phone only made them believe that even more, frankly i think he was being really immature as well.
now me and him are friends and he's dating that other girl. and just last night he called me at 1 a.m. to tell me he still cares for me and that he wants to be with me instead of that other girl. to be honest, i kind of knew it wouldn't work out between him and the girl his friends told him to go out with (yea, he broke up with me cuz his friends told him to go be with the other girl). so now should i just stop trying to be his friend and be "the other girl he's seeing" or just tell him off? i don't really know what to do cuz i really care for him and i hate the fact that i might lose another chance to be with him, this only makes my decisions even harder to make.

well... that's basically all i can remember during the time i was gone. oh! and my birthday's in a week and 6 days!! ^__^ ok, if i remember anything else i'll tell you but until then i'm gonna catch up on things i've been missing around here. bye bye!!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hey everyone!! i'm finally back!!!! ^__^ o my goodness it's been a few hectic months but now that i got a boyfriend (yay!! ^^) i've been using his computer so now i'll be here for a while ^_^ well, i'll talk to you all later. bye!!

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

*sigh of relief* boy, did i have a stressful day =.=.... but i guess i did have a good day at school ^__^ i don't remember much of what has happened, but i do remember a guy at school and his evil gym bag... ya know what he did?? he was gonna hit one of the girls in the locker room and when he swung the bag over the strap just so happened to sling around my neck and so i was dragged around for a bit =__= then at lunch the same guy tried to take the trash can i was gonna take (cuz i'm too lazy to get up and throw away the trash, so i thought let's have the trash can come to me! ^^) yea well, when he pulled on it, and being the light person that i am i was hopin he'd just pull me along, but instead... i fell over =__= but all in all, i had a good day, and hey, i got a half day! ^^ and i got to take a nap ^__^ and now i finally got the neighbors' kids outta my room!! WHOOO!!! well, it's gettin late and i'm tired, so bye bye ^_^

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