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ďI donít understand it the knots in my stomach the ability to understand a situation with out feeling, being able to let my blood run cold and make myself have no emotion, I donít understand the little joy when I watch someone squirm under the weight of my gaze, the gaze which sometimes holds only malice in them I donít understand it and Iím scared.Ē ĖA peek into the hidden mind behind the many masks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Hello Hello Hello
Hi everyone its been a while since I last updated so I thought I would just take the time to post today I do have only a few minutes to say Hi as I am in math none the less. I have to hurry Hello Hello Hello and not I bid thee adue Bye everyone
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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Okay so Amanda Halls bugging me on Aim damn it I can't get ride of that girl how annoyingannoyed
I can't take this girl but I suppose I think I would no less kill her then I would save her.... Damn my kindness nothing really happened today thats all I can say Bye Bye

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To All Hello Hello
So I did end up talking to the school conseler..*sp?* talking about what amanda is doing she said for my own safety and mental health that I should stay way from her.
I also talked to Cass. She said we wouldn't be able to go see Jess because Rav wouldn't be there...
broken heart
I don't know I don't wanna go to work tonight. I'm working on getting my grades its taking forever... I wanna be able to go on the computer more then and hour at home damn it.
My Camera ran out of batteries... >< damn it! And I have to buy new ones these don't happen to be rechargeable..
I'm starting to want to get a bf but I wanna wait for the right guy this time one that fits me more then the other has one that could last I would like to find a guy that could fit my crazy religious views and be part or them while understanding I also would like a guy with black hair tall... blue or dark eyes but I don think I will ever find that one guy at least not at school ...D: sucks.
NIcole seems depressed.
sadChild Abuse
I think I scare my parents
Should scare you
Random Icons :D
gothic icons
Gothic Icons
Gothic Icons

Okay thats if for now bye bye
Blessed be,

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