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Monday, April 25, 2011


It seem like it been forever!!
Off to look around and see whats changed.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm Back in action! There are going to be a few days of tweeking and updating of my page.
So please bear with me!
Love Your Fizziest

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

   It's Me Again

Well I see that I have been missing a load of new and different things with MyO and TheO!! All I can say is WOW and huh I�m lost!! HELP ^_^ LoL

As for me hmmmmmmm....
I am still lost in the Dark Age and MISS everyone who still remembers me! If things are well with you I'm glad to hear that! But if things in your life aren't going to well I am sorry to hear that and hope a simple e-huggles warms you for a quick moment. *HUGGLES* I wish I had more time to read up on everyone and find out stuff, but there isn't and I just want you all to know that things always go up and down in our life, just remember to hang on!!!!
LOVE and MISS everyone
Your Fizziest

P.S. I know I forgot to get some pics up for my last post, SORRY!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well lets see........
Not much is going on with me as of late that isn't work related. I luv working at the cookie store and the group of co-workers that work with me are cool. It is easy work for the most part and I'm not complaining. Yes I know you all think it would be soooo hard to avoid eating a lot cookies, but really it isn't!! ^_^

We got a new kitten and she she so cute! Shoot, we have gotten my sister's dog as well!! So that brings are animal count to 6 fuzzy friends (4 cats and 2 dogs). Most of you remember my black and white dog Bessie.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Well now we have Bear as well. He is huge!! He is a mix of great dane and great pyrenees, he looks like a furry Scooby Doo. *_* As for a other furry friends it go from oldest to youngest. Lola a brown and orange calico tabby, Trunks(who goes saiyan, its so funny) a orange and white tabby, Moraine(MoMo for short) who is a solid black/orange/white calico, and Lanfear(newest and cutest) who is a siamese tabby. We kind of have a name theme going with the last two. Can any one guess from where? LOL
I will try to get some more pics up soon!
Well got to keep this one short. Post soon I hope!!

P.S. Man It is hard work deleting old pics that are X out!! I did at least 10 or the 46 pages of old post! I guess I'll just do a few at a time until they are all updated! LOL ^_^

p.s.s. I cleaned up more(not posted since '06) of my buddy list. If I got rid of somebody by mistake PLEASE let me know and I will readded you!! ^_^

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   The Clean UP

Well I started the clean up of my friends list and I started with those people who have not posted since '04 and '05, unless I really remembered them! If I got rid of anyone by mistake please let me know to readd you to my list!!! ^_^ I will start on those who have not posted since '06 next time! It is really shorter now, but will get even small next time! Well It is late here so I am going to pop into a few sites and call it a nite!
I still leaving the floor open for more question from everyone and call it a night!
P.S. Site changes are still on going and open for suggestions, please feel free to give any!!
P.S.S. My boyfriend choose the background from Berserk, his fav anime!! ^_^

p.s.s.s. I tried this code out.

^_^ *Is so happy it worked*

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

   Fizzy News

Glad to see a few of you still remember me and have missed me as much as I have missed you!
Let's see I'll start with first come.

Blackwings Comments and questions:
Hey theFizz! I've been wondering how you have been recently.
I'm glad to know that you are still kicking and doing well. ^^
What has kept you so busy lately? How is your son doing? Seen any good movies recently? Are you still drawing/ making anything (picture or graphic wise)? i might wait a little bit to see how many of your old friends still come by to see how many you want to keep on your list. Also might peak around to see if you still want some people on your list. ^^ I hope you have some fun! Till next time you come by! Later! *waves*

I've been doing very well for the most part! I haven't got a computer still out here, but I am working at the mall (The Great American Cookie) *YUMMY* ^_^ and moved in to a new place with my boyfriend (of 1 and 1/2 years). I've just been just living each day from to day to day! My son is doing great! He is in the 6th grade and trying to get use to middle school (junior high)! I'll try to get some pics up soon of all of us! Yeah I've got a friend who gets bootlegs (I know its wrong but hey) and we seen most new releases that way! You name it we've most likely seen it! *_* No, I've been in a dry spell as of late! It kind of sucks! Yeah I noticed a lot of people are no longer here.

lordsesshomaru Comments and questions:
It's nice to heear from you again. I wondered what happened to you, Lol. If you want to clean up your friends list, go ahead. You can always remember everyone you met by their entry in your guestbook instead. ttyl ^^

Yeah! I've been lost in computer limbo! That's something I didn't really think of and it will make it easy once I do clean it up!

Monkey Orange Comments and questions:
Well, I'm certainly glad to see you're still alive and well *^_^*
I know it's a bit difficult at times to maintain an online presence in addition to your normal daily life, but...it's good to hear from you.
My question: What've you been up to? *^_^* Take care!

Yes it has been!
HMMMMM What else have I been up too!!! Right at this moment I am house sitting for a friend who is at Disney World for 3 weeks! So that is how I am able to get on-line at the moment. Cool being able to post on here again, now I just need to work on getting a computer for home! X-Mas is just around the conner. *HEHE* @_@

Faroe Comments and questions:
OMG!!!!!!!!! I love you and I'm so glad you back. can't talk long. love you

I have so misses you as well!!! HUGGLES I hope all is ok with you as well! Hope to chat ya soon!
Well, it was a short Q & A for now.
I am going to leave the floor open for more question from everyone and call it a night!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

   Long Time No Posting

Yes I am still a live and doing well! I hope all is well with everyone and if not HUGGLES to those who aren't doing so well! I haven't got a lot to say and am not sure when I will get on again, but I miss all you guys and postings.
I am open for any question you all might have for me so feel free to ask away!!!!
P.S. Do you all think I should clean up my friends list? Or should I leave it the way it is to remember all I have met!?!?

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Thursday, June 1, 2006


How was your day?
Mine was very very wierd!
It started off with me not being able to sleep last night. I finally started to get sleepy around 8 in the morning. I guess I got a few hours in before everyone started to come in and see why I was not out of bed. Everyone was just in a wierd moods all day. I had to be at work at two, so I tried to get some more sleep and it just was not going to happening! Around 12:30pm I was woken to the sounds of returning kids and one of my nieces crying hard about something. It turned out she was crying over the cat getting into her hampsters cage and killing the poor thing! v_v We calmed her down and I got ready for work. I went to work and returned to find out that one of the new mice my niece had got from my sister (my niece's other aunt) to make up for Ida (the hampster). So my sister and I ran out to replace her new mouse. Just wait, that is not all of the wierd happenings! Get this, while we were out doing that, my niece's other mouse was hit out of her hand by my other niece and is now on the loose in the living room! Man it just been a wierd sad day! Glad I have tomorrow off! So I can sleep in and rest!
Well I am off to unwined from today!
Thanks for listen to my little rant!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   Fizzy News


How is everyone tonight?
Good, bad, or worse?
I am interested in hearing from you all!
As for me things are good for the moment.
I have been working (Dairy Queen) for about a year (06/02) and things are easy at work. I mean how hard is it to blend ice cream! ^_^
It is not and I am loving it!!
Made a few new friend that are anime luvers. *YEPPIE* So I now have "in person" friends that share the love of anime! *Huggles ^_^ To all my on line friends for being so good to me*
Joseph is doing great in school and passed all his TAKS (TX's standardized comprehension test). He is looking forward to the summer coming (end of school for him is this weekend) and can not wait to go see his uncle Jon and grandfather, at my step-bros Mike's granduation from Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas! We should all be heading down there in a week and a half(06/08), for 5 days or so! Should be fun to see all the jets and planes out there on the base!!
Well I am going to end it here,
so I can go check in to a few of your sites!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   Site Seeing

I am going to keep this one short tonight!
Off to see everyone sites and new things!

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