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Hallo! I'm Saora (pronouced Say-or-ah), please be nice on my site cuz I don't like rude people. Please comment and sign my GB!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well that's life, ne?
My life sucks, but I'd rather not rant about it. I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself and wishing that I could do something about it... Cuz I realized that what happened recently is out of my control, so I shouldn't stress over it when there was never a thing I could do to stop it. Yes, it will get me down but... hey, that's life.

It's supposed to rain here in Hickville, I live in a small redneck community so I refer to my town as Hickville, no offense to anyone who is such. I love the country, just not this town... It's been over run by wannabe gangsters and whatnot.
The other night this drug dealer approached my sister-in-law and I asking if we knew why the cops were at his house. We yelled at him and ran off... Probably not a smart idea, but it was fun! :D

I'm making a movie about my family and my life... But I need to do a little interview with my brother Kai and my mum, but she hates the camera so it's hard. And my dog Sirius likes to knock the camera out of my hand, I dunno why, I guess he only likes it if it's taking pictures of him! XD
And... I can't wait for next month, cuz I get to go camping! Whoo! Camping!! I love camping, it's so much fun, especially when my brothers go cuz they just do the stupidest things, like tell me if a bear shows up that I have to protect them from it. XD Oh god, and here I thought they were the older brothers.

I have a choice to either go to prom next month or go to an Adam Lambert concert in July... Hmm... I want to go to both, but... I can only go to one. Which sounds like more fun? (I'm leaning on the concert...)

Well... Sao has no more to say! So buh-bye!! :D


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Been gone since November...
Cuz honestly why update anymore? Most of my friends left this place including Asami, I mean Strawberry's still here but... we talk more over the phone. =/
I'm in an itching fuss right now, we have this huge-ass spider on our front door, I think it might be a brown recluse but it's huge! It's as long as my thumb and as fast as both of my thumbs combined! Every time I see a spider I start itching like crazy, I have no idea why, it just happens. I am not a big fan of spiders, I hate spiders. They suck. D:

My uncle gave me his laptop, it's kinda old and slow so claims my aunt and grandmother, my grandma is sending it to me so I'll see if I like it or not, if not I'll give it to my brother Kai. I just really need a new laptop, the one the school gave me sucks like hell and ain't worth a piece of crap.
I just need a computer for my writing, my art, my photography, and my music... that's all I need a computer for, one that was made to deal with that stuff.

Well, Saora has no more left to say. So... See ya!!


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

   Nana on hiatus!?
Nuuuu!!! *cries* Nana's on hiatus!! Yazawa-sensei is sick again!! D: I hope she gets better soon, there hasn't been any Nana in awhile, and that makes me sad. I've been following this manga since... I was twelve.
*sigh* This manga has been delayed so many times its not even funny... So I s'pose I'll go and buy all 21 volumes to keep myself occupied...


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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What has life been doing for me?
Depressing me, that's what. I've written two full length novels this year, so hah! And I'm currently working on my third novel. The first one I wrote is about a murderer, the second one I wrote is about an asylum and the third one I'm writing is about dead people. *nod* Cuz those are the only things I really know how to write about.

I got to see the Cirque Du Freak movie on the 23rd, it was wicked!! I lurved it!! I might go see it again this weekend. I really hope they make a second one, cuz the first one was so freaking hardcore!! =D

Life sure can change a person in time... but those people never noticed how much they changed and whut they've done to everyone else around them... Its sad when a friend changes and they hurt the ones they care about. I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about a friend....

Oh and I'm an aunt now. :) My brother Kai and his girlfriend Kim had a baby, her name is... I dunno how to spell it, so I call her Kiwi. She's cute.

--Saora <3

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

   Because no one cares
Its true. No one cares. You make friends, you hold them close, you're there for them when they need you, only for them to take a knife through your heart. It happens to me all the time. Friendship never last, at least not in my case. No one really cares about me, its like I don't even exist.

To make my life worse, next week is my birthday, the day after my aunt's, that makes it even worse, cuz she's been dead for a year now and that's hard to deal with. But of course, no one cares. So what's the point of living if no one cares about you?

I guess I'll learn to live with being hated, ignored, and forgotten.


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