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Hello I am Ashley! I am a huge Harry Potter Fan and Draco and Hermione are absolutely perfect for eachother. I dont care what you other people think. As they say "All is fair in Love and War" I read and write my own Draco/Hermione Fanfic so if you have any stories you would like me to read and comment on feel free to tag me. I have an amazing boyfriend named Jacob and we have been going out for a year. I am very proud of us. We have had our rocky moments but we always seem to get through them. My Best Friend is Jennifer AKA ChibiRose!! I Love her so much. Please visit her site as well and I am sure that you will enoy it immensely. Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to my world.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My New Life
If some of you dont know already. Me and Jacob broke up a few weeks ago. We got into a huge fight and he ended up breaking my arm in 6 places. It has been very abusive between the both of us for about a year. No one really knew and everyone just kind of thought we were perfect for each other when in reality we had a lot of problems. I think those closest to me were starting to notice the tension between the two of us. It was very hard on me at first but I am really starting to heal. I am starting to realize that there is so much more to life than just guys. If you need to hear the story of me and Jake in a little more detail you can check out my myspace. I have now become an activist for battered women. I am offering my services to any young girl or woman who has/had/or feels like their relationship could be a battered relationship. Battery doesn't just consist of physical abuse. It has mental and emotional side affects too. If your boyfriend is a batterer and you try to break up with him he will do ANYTHING to try to get you to stay with him. DONT FALL FOR ANYTHING!! He will threaten to kill himself DONT FALL FOR IT!! And even if he does, listen to me very carefully IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! It is his fault if he chooses to end his life. Not Yours! If you would like more information I will be posting more on this site!!! I am here to help because I know how it feels not to know who to turn to. I will not judge you because I have been there. I have felt the loneliness, the guilt, and the hopelessness. But now that Im out of this relationship. Im more confident in myself. I feel free for the first time in about a year and a half. Its an amazing feeling and I want every battered woman to be able to feel that too. I love all of you. Even those that havet been battered I love you the same and if ANYONE needs to talk to me about boy problems or girl problems or annoying parent/sibling problems (lol) I am here. I will listen to every word that you have to say and be your friend and try to help the bast I can!!

With love and Hope!!


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