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be buried - nightmare

hahahaz...ye you probably hav no idea who i am...
omgsh i'm sooo stumped what am i sposed to rite exactly??AAARRRGGGHHH....sooo confused...-.-Ye well, nehu, i am obsessed- mite b too much of a strong word- wif anime...and omgsh japanese dramas...ooohhhh they are sooo addictive- makes u wonder y ppl do drugs~lol...*sighs...i luv nething j-rock...esp. GACKT and hide and hyde lol....<3 Newaiz i am like the worst writer eva so sorri for making u read this!>>>i kinda realise its borin...-.-
ahhh i suk...-.-

also visit shiori_hana she has an awsome site and she helped me with my page ! thankyou ><

Sunday, August 27, 2006

wow its been such an incredibly long time or sumfin since i've been here...so long that my popularity rank is considere : down again :-{ lol hahah

i' sorry though havent been here to check all your sites out...wondr what you guys have been up to lately?? guess i'm going to make rounds today heheheh :D

anywhu i have good news!! i'll probably b here more often this week coz i have 3 days off school for the next 2 weeks and so ye yay! no school i hate physics!!! i hate it hate it! >=[ its soo bad!!! anywaiz i'm going for my L's tomoro..huhuhu i mastered the theory test online! so now i just hae to past the real one...and hopefully i can drive soon...my parents are telling me to learn manual..but that dangerous isnt it??

anywaiz thats all...sya soon!! ^.^ its good to b bak!!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

parents are making me take my L's for my liscence...gah its soo hard and i DO NOT WANT TO DRIVE...I AM WILLING TO BUS IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!
if you wanna try out for yourself...go here
theres 2 parts to the test...and for the 'give way' you have to get all 8 questions right and for the theory you can have 10 mistakes..and THATS IT!! gah they confuse me!

omg theres a parallel universe's out there....IN JAPAN!!! (ok i noe that i mite sound like one of those geek-a-zoids that are in love with star trek or wat not...but hear me out!) 


This all happened that friday afternoon, after an early dismissal from skool.  Some frends and i were walking through china town.  We walked past several stores, until we came to an end with those automatic doors. THEN suddenly i see a poster on the window of the hairdresser's and *dum dum DUM -suspense music* i saw VY...thats right i saw a picture of NGUYEN NHA VY!!!!!!!! The poster was just an article from a japanese hairdressing magazine and my friend was there....RIGHT THERE ON THE RIGHT BOTTON CORNER (go check it out if ur in adelaide)


my story seems pretty stupid up TIL NOW because i have evidence...ofcourse i wasnt stoopid enuf to rite a blog without hard evidence....*voice over* the following images may contain some horror scenes*


this picture is taken from the HAIRDRESSERS



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



this is a picture of VY


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

  (i couldnt find a pic of her not smiling...and with this hair style...so wen i do get that pic i'll post it...BUT U CAN SOOO TELL HOw they LOOK A LIKE!!!)

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

avcon weekend
hmm dunno but has it been a long time since i've written anything??!?!? hahah sure seems like it XD

but anyhu...avcon was here yesterday and still is today...it'll alll end tomoro!

i went yesterday from 10 or so til 1pm and ye it was ok...hahaha so much cosplay...some really awkwarddd but there were reallly good ones as well...or mayb not so much ok so it was pretty rare...but u noe... hmmm there was spoooo much stuff but i couldnt find ANYTHING to do at all...all i did was wonder and ponder! there were screenings..but half of them i've already seen and the other half i previewed and didnt like...so no point going there and the gaming thing...OMG they are like machines...i could not believe how good these 'oz'takus (lame i noe...the attempt is worth a clap...) were!!! ye and then by 1 i found myself sitting at the bus stop....

well thennnn i went to seee LITTLE MAN...HAHAHAHHAHA itsssss soooo funny...wierd no storry line...but its soo FUNNY...ahh i love the wayne brothers...hahah old time fav is WHITE CHICKS

i'm not going to avcon today...coz my sister and cousin hu went with me yesterday refused to go..and i refused to go by myself..fear of riding buses alone! o.0 so ye...they are making it up to by going to the movies and watching over the hedge...^.^ cant wait!

lonnnnggg post...but hey i'm bored..what can you do about that? absolutely nothing!


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