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Hello okay a proper introduction? you got it.
Let's see, oh i'm 14 years old, half viet half jap your average asian girl, ... cut the crap

i can't give an intro without being high HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah whatever please... my school just showed a tonne of clips about showing your personal info on the net so i will not do so.
just my name would do and my age.. no whereabouts and thats it. yeah i like anime blah blah i'm writting a load of crap but who cares..

no one reads this kind of stuff anyway :) omg on the last day of school my homeroom teacher gave me an award for being the coolest manga artist in the whole of the year 8 level :D i'm so proud,

no i'm not joking. :)

Yeah if you wanna contact me just go to my email and add me.. BUT TELL ME WHO YOU ARE WHEN YOU ADD ME

cause i really hate it when someone adds you and you go "who's this" and they go "who are you?" and then you go again "DUDE! you freegin added me!" nah really it pisses me off :D LOL

OMG i love Passionfruit Milk Tea and Happy Cup :D WITH double pearls~