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is a bit of a dreamer, but he's also
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Win his heart and he'll take you to Paradise.

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

   back for a visit
I haven't been coming to check up on myotaku alot. Mainly because I haven't nothing to say and am just too lazy to wait for everything to load. my computer's kinda slow... but i did find out yesterday that samurai girl (sg:rbhs) might come act as an action movie, but it's gonna star melissa joan hart. it's not that she's not a great actress, but it's kinda hard to picture her as ryoko...

I saw the episode last night and it made me want to cry!! It's so sad that Toboe was caught in the middle... I hope the happy ending comes soon!!!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

   hey everybody!
School shopping comes this weekend for me, and how much I dread it! But there are plenty of good sides to this I should praise. I get to see all my friends again and... well, more anime on Saturday! Plus, I found out that .hack//legend of the twilight anime is on cartoon network! I had no idea! How long has it been on? Can anybody tell me? I've read the 2 volumes of the manga, but I think I'm behind in the anime.
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Friday, July 16, 2004

   Wolf's Rain!!
I bought the first dvd of wolf's rain yesterday!!! I loved it! I wanted to get the limited edition box, but i already had the soundtrack, so I decided to save 30-40 bucks. the plushie was cute, but i don't really need it. I lose those anyways... I also got the 3rd volume of Fruits Basket manga. It was very good!!! I'm still waiting for the 3rd volume of .hack//legend of twilight to come in stores near me, though.
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