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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 8
Frost was once again in the middle of nowhere in the icy desert. He held his staff which was a bit too large for him. He was a small child. He was just standing there when he heard a jingle behind him. He turned around, and he saw a small, shy girl standing there. She had blue hair and skin, just like he did. She also held a staff. He realized that the jingling sound was coming from it: it had four metal rings on the top of it clinging to a thicker ring attached on the staff handle, with a sapphire-blue brawl in the center of the ring. She wore a very long light blue dress and she had dark blue gloves on.
The girl, as soon as Frost spotted her, she ran away behind an iceberg. Frost ran after her. When he came behind the iceberg, he saw her running farther and hiding behind another iceberg.
-Wait! Who are you? – shouted Frost, but the girl didn't answer.
He followed her, but when he came to the spot where she was hiding, she wasn't there. It was a dead end. She just disappeared.
Next, Shadow opened his eyes. He sat up. He saw Blaze and Pyro still sleeping near him and a tiny flame flickering on the grass. He was just dreaming.
-Again this dream... Who is she? Why am I dreaming of her over and over again? – wondered Frost.
He laid down again and closed his eyes, but he couldn't sleep. Then he started to watch the stars. The sky was cloudless. There were many stars sparkling on the Hyphean sky. He started to imagine the face of the girl he dreamed of in the stars.
Storm quickly flew and arrived to the light area. The only part of Hyphea where the night never comes. The area was full of life: tiny fairies flying around, sparkling grass and trees reflecting the white sky's blinding light.
-Star? Star, are you there? – shouted Storm while flying around the brightness of teh environment. Then, she saw her taking care of some flowers that looked like lillies.
Star, the 17-year old light sorceress, wore usually looking sorceress dressing. She had long red hair and bright yellow eyes. She had a white dress with red lines on it and a matching cap hanging on the back of her head that reminded on a bonnet. She wore long, white gloves and boots with yellow parts that looked like leaves. She stood up from a crouching stance and looked at Storm, who just flew down in front of her.
-Why can't I have peace? – thought Star.
-Please, Star, help Eagle! He's been badly injured! – said Storm in a hurry.
-Ok, how many times have you asked me for help until now? – asked Star a bit angrily, but enough not to insult Storm.
-I know, Star, but this time it's different!
-You said that the last time, remember?
-Please – begged Storm.
-Oh, alright, I'll help you. Besides, how can I turn back to someone who needs help?
-Thanks, Star – said Storm, relieved. –You're the best!
-You're welcome, Now, put him down.
Storm did as Star said. She put Eagle's shivering body on the soft, yellow grass. Star immediately realized what was wrong and how to help Eagle.
-He's got fever and his muscles have been deadened. But don't worry, everything will be fine. Now, step back.
Storm stepped back and Star kneeled, putting her palms on Eagle's heart. They started to glow bright yellow.
-This will last a bit – said Star while concentrating on the healing process.
Eagle was slowly regaining his strength. He opened his eyes and saw Storm. He was still a bit weak. He smiled and spoke.
-Storm... Star... thank you.
Star smiled and continued. After a few minutes, she was done. Eagle got back on his feet. Storm was happy. Bust Star was tired. She was breathing heavily and laid on the grass.
-Star... I don't know how to thank you enough! – said Storm.
-Just let me get some rest, ok? – replied Star, smiling. – That would be enough.
Storm and Eagle laughed.
-Ok then – said Eagle – I'll leave you two to talk a bit and check on what's Angel doing.
-Ok, but get back soon and explain me what on Hyphea has happened to you! – said Star to him.
-I'm glad he's like before now – said Storm to Star, while Eagle flew away.
-So what happened? – asked Star.
Storm started to retell the story: at least what she learned from Eagle. The two sorceresses talked quite a lot and the time passed by quickly. Star regained her strength and stood up to stretch.
In teh meanwhile, Eagle found Angel sitting under a tree and watching teh little fairies flying around. Angel was 15. He had blue eyes and long white hair. He wore silvery white sorcerer robes with blue lines on them. He had bluish-white angel wings on his back.
-Hey Eagle, what's up? –greeted Angel when he noticed him.
-Hey there – replied Eagle.
-So, do you want to train again a bit?
-You bet I do! – said Eagle. –Especially after what happened to me a little while ago!
-What happened? Tell me!
-Ok, here goes. Some dude in black got into the wind area and...
But he was interrupted by a sudden explosion not too far from them. Angel stood up immediately in terror. One part of the light area was erased and engulfed in darkness. Shadow arrived to teh light area.
Shadow now had a black energy field protecting his eyes. He could not be blinded by the light anymore. He could walk freely through the light area. He saw Eagle ina distance, and Eagle saw him.
-Pack your bags, we're leaving! – shouted Eagle at Angel, who gave him a confused look. He grabbed his sleeve and pulled him in the air.
-We got to inform Storm and Star! The dude who attacked me, it's that dude over there!
-So what? – asked Angel, showing no interest of running away. – I can take him on without any problems!
-You can't beat him just like that! He's far more powerful than any sorcerer I've ever seen in my life!
Shadow watched the two sorcerers flying away and smiled.
-They'll probably lead us to the others – said Shadow to himself.
-Yeah – said Aura from inside him. –Let's follow them!
And Shadow began the pursuit after the sorcerers. He was one step closer to the grand victory over the world of sorcery.

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