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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hyphea Chapter 7
Sorry, haven't thought of a title for this chapter.

Oh, and btw, you can find all 7 chapters I wrote until now on this link:
I made some minor changes to each one.

So here goes the 7th chapter.

* * *

Shadow raised his staff towards the glowing eyes. But as soon as he fired an energy ball, they disappeared and the ball flew into nothingness. Shadow was worried. No matter where he looked, he couldn't recognize anything.
Without hesitation or asking himself why, Shadow ducked; and he could hear claws slashing right above his head.
-Aura... how the hell...? – said Shadow, wondering how did she realize where the attack came from.
-Shut up and summon the darkness! – said Aura's voice loudly.
-Who do you think you are talking to me like th...
-Just do it!
Shadow sighed. He stood straight and raised his wand high up. The brawl on the top of his staff started to change color. It sucked in all the light around Shadow. Next, he heard the claws again very near him, but he wasn't scratched.
-What the...?! – said a confused voice coming from very near Shadow.
-Left! Shoot!
Shadow listened to Aura once again: he pointed his staff to his left and fired another energy ball. This time, it hit the target. The clawed creature screamed of pain, rolling on the floor. Shadow was shocked: how did Aura know where was that what attacked him? He released the light he absorbed into his staff. The fog cleared. He could see a male human-like figure on the floor, still screaming of pain. He had long, sharp claws, and wings on his arms, like a bird. He had two yellow brawls emerging from his palms. It was a wind sorcerer.
Eagle, the 15-year old sorcerer who had short blond hair and greenish blue clothing, now stopped screaming. He looked at Shadow with hatred. Shadow looked back at him coldly, and approached him while he still layed down on the floor. He neared the blade on his staff to Eagle's neck.
-Why did you attack me? Speak! – said Shadow loudly, but calmly.
-And why did you trespass the wind area?! –refused Eagle.
-I don't think you're in the position to ask questions – said Shadow, nearing the blade to his neck. Eagle was scared.
-What do you want? – asked Eagle with a more silent voice than before.
Shadow moved his staff away from Eagle. Then he grabbed his chest and lifted him from the ground, anfrily speaking in his face.
-What I want is to be this planet's king! I don't want to lose my nerves anymore by searching what I need, because others will do that for me once I rule Hyphea! Understood?!
-Well don't count on me – said Eagle looking away from him. He wanted to ruin Shadow's face with his claws; but he felt so weak that he couldn't move one single muscle of his body.
-We'll see about that – said Shadow throwing Eagle back to the floor. Eagle was laying down and, without being able to do anything, watching Shadow walk away.
-Wait... why are you letting me live? Kill me when you've already defeated me!
-Why should I? – smirked Shadow, not turning back. –You'll be a great servant once I become the king!
-Storm... – whispered Eagle, but Shadow was now far enough not to hear him.
He continued to walk away, this time without having to test the ground under him. He could see clearly what does the wind area look like now. The ground was very low. There were no mountains. Only the flat field with short grass on it. The wind was blowing heavily, but it didn't bother him. He stopped for a moment.
-Now explain me: how did you know where was that little bastard? – asked Shadow Aura, looking at the cloudy sky.
-Eye contact – replied Aura. –As soon as you look at someone's eyes, I can read his thoughts.
-I see... – said Shadow, looking back at the ground. He now continued to walk. –Is it possible for me to be able to do that too?
-Well you would be able if you wouldn't have concentrating on how to attack instead of using your brain! – replied Aura provokingly.
-Alright, alright, spare me. I got the point.
-By the way, you should be careful. Maybe there are otehr sorcerers around here.
-You're right – replied Shadow and made all the brawls on his staff glow. In a few seconds, he became invisible.
Shortly after that, another sorcerer appeared in the sky. It was a female, 20-year old female sorcerer. Her name was Storm. Unlike Eagle, she was wearing regular sorcerer robes, covering everything except her face and hands. The robes were light green. On her back, she had wings made of a light, flat, transparent material. She was another sorcerer who, instead of a staff, had another kind of weapon: a bow.
She was looking around. She noticed that the fog made by Eagle was gone and started to worry about him. And then, she saw him, laying unconscious, on the same spot where Shadow left him. She swiftly flew down and kneeled beside Eagle. She lifted his head and called him.
-Eagle! Eagle, my brother, are you ok?
Eagle regained his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes.
-Storm, you're here...
-What happened to you? You look so... weak!
-It was... the dark sorcerer. He's here in the wind area! He wants to... to rule our planet!
-Oh no! –cried Storm. –Ok, don't talk, I'll take you to Star right now!
Eagle easily nodded. Storm stood up, carrying her little brother in her arms. She spreaded her wings, and flew towards the same direction Shadow went.
It was night. Aqua went down the mountain and reached her home, the ocean. But then she started to think: she was alone and bored in the ocean. It was dangerous with Frost, but on the other hand, it wasn't boring. It was fun and exciting. She decided to go after Frost after all. But first, she needed some rest. She laid down on the foot of the mountain, looking upwards, and then she fell asleep while listening to the waves splashing.

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