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Sunday, September 16, 2007

anime con
who should i cosplay as?
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

   hello! ART CONTEST !!!!!
hi everybody......

i haven't been on my site for awhile...so i have noticed that nobody really visits my site anymore.......yes sad i know.....T___T

i don't have a scanner but i'm taking pictures of my art and posting it now.....so look at my art when i upload it...which because of my weird lazyness could be now or next week......? ^___^
but you might have to wait till i go to my friends house.....who has a scanner....

i have a contest for all you people who love to draw!

draw your favorite character of akatsuki but in a different outfit as they usually wear
such as instead of dei in his akatsuki coat...deidara in jeans and a naruto jacket?

use your imagination! ^____^

i will pm you if you win or get a place and tell you your prizes.......which are a mystery....

have fun! ~~~~

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