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Do i seem a little obsessed?
(Sis: yes.)
(Me: Back off!)
Anyway, i am same little ol' me. Just loving a few more things in life (Like anime).
(Sis: I told u. U R obsessed!)
(Me: All right! I admit it! I am obsessed with Anime! But who can blame me? ^.~)

Friday, October 19, 2007

   *Sigh* Prolouge
Hey, wad up? It's Mitsuki here. Listen, I'm kinda bored, so I wanna start up by typing up the prolouge from my Naruto Fanfic. If it's shocking to anyone, don't send ninja after me. It's supposed to.
"You're late."
Itachi turned around from his position and saw a familiar blond ninja standing just a few meters away from him, a kunai in his right hand.
"Hey, never rush a Hokage, ok?" The blond said.
The land in which they stood on was somewhat a trip to the past for Naruto. It was the Valley of End, the same place where he and Sasuke had fought. (Hey, I don't really know if that's true or not.) In fact, the blood stains from that faithful battle were still scattered randomly around the arena. Itachi laughed.
"Hokage? You? If you were Hokage, we could've destroyed Konoha a hell lot easier than that witch you have." Itachi spat.
"Her name is Tsunade." Naruto spat back. "And even though I hate to admit it, she makes a fine Hokage. Probably better than me. But that doesn't mean that I won't try!"
Itachi grinned.
"You're pathetic. Just as pathetic as my baby brother." Itachi looked at Naruto.
"Sasuke is NOT pathetic! He's just poorly guided, that's all!" Naruto yelled. "It's all YOUR fault you know! And now I'm gonna take your head!"
"You?" Itachi asked. "I thought you were going to be honorable and allow your precious friend to take my head."
"I would've. But what he's doing...even I know...he'll never reach his goal if he goes down this path. And if he does go down there, he'll wreak not only his past, but his future. He won't have anything else to go back too. That's why..." Naruto's rage burned from inside him. "I'm taking his place."
"You're pathetic." Itachi grinned. "Prepare to die."
Naruto gripped his kunai, and roared as he charged toward Itachi.
The rain was falling heavily upon the city at that hour. It was nighttime, but the stars would not come out and dance as they would normally do. And yet, everyone in the city brought out their umbrellas and continued on with their nightlife. They thought it was nothing more than a simple downpour.
Hinata Hyuuga was just finishing up doing her groceries for the Hyuuga family dinner. She had traveled around with Kiba and Shino, picking groceries, just like old times. In fact, when Kiba asked Hinata about Naruto, all she did was blush, just like before. It was like nothing happened, nothing too severe for words.
But not tonight. Oh no, not tonight.
Hinata and her friends had just left the supermarket to see a couple of familiar faces look to the right in sheer horror. Sakura was on her knees, and there was Shikamaru, his eyes wide, his lip struggling to stay in position. Curious, they turn toward the direction they were looking at.
And that's when they saw them.
It was Sasuke Uchiha, in his Orochimaru getup, with the slashed Konoha headband on his forehead. He was labeled an enemy of Konoha, and he even said that he will destroy Konoha himself, but this time, he made no action signaling anyone that he will attack Konoha like his mentor Orochimaru had tried a long time ago.
But that was not what caught their eyes.
In his arms, in Sasuke's arms, was Naruto Uzumaki, Itachi's torn jacket barely dangling from his limp hand. His eyes, which were usually bright and happy, were closed, his face and chest smeared with blood.
Kiba and Shino were standing there in horror, their jaws lost all power to raise themselves.
"Oh my..." Kiba couldn't say it.
Hinata dropped to the wet ground and sobbed her heart out, and without knowing it, screamed, her voice nearly echoing in the rain-filled night.
Naruto Uzumaki...was dead.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

I have no idea how to operate a scanner, but I want to type down soem creepy Naruto story. It's sorta...a Shippuden for the Shippuden, you know, something after Nartuo Shippuden ends. Should I type it? Because well...I really don't know what to do.

I'll explain the backstory of if after I get some comments, k?

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What subject...?
It's Mitsuki here! I'm happy, content, and alive here! Whatever...anyway, I'm sorry me and Shana hadn't posted in like, FOREVER, but school's killin' us. It's like the Akatsuki sittin' on us or somethin'.

Anyway, Shana told me something weird about the beginning song of Kingdom Hearts 2. You probably heard of it already, but when you play the opening song backward, it's a different song in itself. I didn't hear it, but Shana heard it recently, and it had something to do with Xenmas and his two halves or something. Again, if you've heard of it, ignore me.

Come to think of it, I should look up Sora/Riku pairings right now. Until next time, bliss on high! Until Naruto Shippuden hits our shores, I'll talk again!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

wad up readers! ^.^ can't say that i am having fun. due to the fact that school is next week and all just tends to bring the party down, don't it? now its back to responsibilities and homework and crap! but, we still have the weekends right? (look at me trying to be all optimisitc about this) -_-' sad really. But oh wells. life just tends to get to you doesn't it?
and the term for the day is...
"Those who don't say much, have the most to say."

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