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View all Monday, December 24, 2007

   Promotion: Paranoia Agent

Basic Info:
Anime Title: Paranoia Agent
Alternative Title: Mousou Dairinin, 妄想代理人 (Japanese); Агент паранойи (Russian); الذعر الوكيل (Arabic)
Creator: Kon, Satoshi
Animator: Madhouse Studios
Brodcaster: WOWOW (Japan); Adult Swim (United States); Anime Current (G4TechTV Canada); Animax (Germany)
Summary: "An elementary school kid dubbed with the title "shounen bat" or "lil slugger" has been going around attacking people with his bent, golden bat. Now, two detectives are investigating so they can stop this kid from making any more attacks, but they will find out soon enough... that this case is much more than they expected." - Summary from ANN
Warnings: It is a very hard series to understand and can confuse the hell out of it's own viewers. Violence and sexual explicitness is ever predominate through the series, but there is a storyline. All you have to do is start at episode one (I suggest the one with the old man saying not-so useless nonsense)...

Fanbase (DeviantArt):

Available to watch at:
YouTube (Note: Type in Paranoia Agent)
Available to read about it:
Paranoia Agent's English Site
Paranoia Agent@ANN
Paranoia Agent@Wikipedia

End note: As you realized from my wallpapers from a year back and my current profile, I am a fan of Paranoia Agent. It is really hard to find other fans of the series. If anyone wants to discuss it with me, PM me.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

   Promotion: 666 Satan

Basic Info:
Manga Title: 666 Satan
Alternative Title: O-Part Hunters (English)
Manga-ka: Kishimoto, Seishi
Published in: Monthly Shonen Gangan (Japan), Viz (US), BD Mangas (France)
Summary: "In the not too distant future, mankind battles over O-Parts, powerful relics from an ancient civilization. Jio is a young boy with a tragic past who only trusts one thing in the world: money. Little does he suspect that he is also a very powerful O-Parts Tactician (O.P.T.), and inside him sleeps a demon of incredible ferocity. With his partner, Ruby, Jio embarks on a dangerous quest to acquire as many O-Parts as he can." - Summary Volume 2 and forward from Viz
Is it an anime yet?: Not yet (but there are rumors of the first episodes being played at the end of the year).
Warnings: Anyone who reads this series isn't a devil worshiper. Seishi isn't plagiarizing Kishimoto, Masashi (although Seishi thinks that he's better-looking than Masashi).

MangaHelpers' page: here
Available to read at:
MSN Groups page
Direct Downloads (ran by Renegade @MangaHelpers)
666Satan.it (Has English Scanslations; ran by Jio Freed @MangaHelpers)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The series has ended in Japan! I repeat, the series has ended in Japan.

Credit: Nawulf (Mod of the MangaHelpers' 666 Satan forum; runner of the 666 Satan fanlisting; and helped me with this post)

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Sunday, June 10, 2007


...Well, it wasn't my computer that fried, it was the hard drive (with all my stories, wallpapers, and projects on there). I blame it on myself because I accidentally tripped on the power cord and it hasn't been able to work since. Now I have to use my sister's computer to get on (and I'm limited).

Although it was very ironic thought in a sense. I'm getting a new computer in a few days for my birthday. I'm also getting a new MP3 player (mine gotten stolen at school).

And here's a link to my FF account:

Read the one with the most chapters and reviews.

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

   *sighs* I Have Been Abusing Everything...

This seems to be one of the things that I haven't paid attention... So, can I give my attention to the events from the past several months before I'm beaten to a bloody pulp?
What has happened over the months:
I learned how to speak a little French
I've started on a new fanfiction. If you guys go onto my my fanfiction profile and read the story Of Albinos and Hellsing.
Discovered several series and has become hooked (they are: Dead Leaves, 666 Satan [Sometimes called O-Part Hunters], Get Backers, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Kurogane, and Texhnolyze)
Found several new bands to listen to (Juno Reactor, and Angelspit)
Dealt with my infamous computer addiction built by my love of the Cyberpunk and hacker culture.

Well... Now you have what I've been doing over the months I've forgot to post. ^^' Au revoir!

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Friday, December 1, 2006

   Otaku's are Taking the Intellectual World by Storm...

Here's something weird about the academics team for my school: There are two fellow friends that like anime (and one of them is one of the two team captains ^_^). The captain of the team (known as Sam) and me have a very funny joke dealing with Orochimaru and Michale Jackson. While she calls him Orochi Jackson, I call him Michamaru. It actually became a greeting of sorts.
The second one I found out on accident Wednesday (during club pictures). I was wearing my Gaara T-shirt when one of the members pointed it out. I tried to tell him the joke and he didn't want to hear it (^^)'
Now I found this AMV a while ago on accident. I also found a similar (they both use the same animes: Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, and Blood: The Last Vampire) one with the same thing, but a different song. One is Mitternatch:

The other is the cover of Forsaken (if anyone hasn't heard of the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, someone should strangle you...):

Well until then,
Se la ve, to sweet misery...

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