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HI! Well, this is the first account I've ever had, and I'm uber EXCITED!!

I am temashika-kun.
my favorite color is black, and I'm a total Anime, Manga, and Manga-ka FREAK!!

Well, since this is a first for me, I'd really apreciate any help anyone can give to me. Please sign my GB, and be kind. o^_^o

Okay, let's get a few basics down first.
I use the words Bighaw,Shtank,and ohjea(oh yeah)a lot, so don't hurt me if you don't understand at first. No, I'm not a foriegner, I just like to make up words, so yeah.
I also like Within Temptation and TATU. I can be as funny and stupid, as I can be smart and realistic. I know how to be both, so I get along with others really well.
I'm a little perverted, so prepare yourselves!

Now, just to let all those few who check out my site, I WILL succeed at my plans for WORLD DOMINATION!!! PM me, and you can live in my 22 story mansion with me! ^_^
Partners in crime:

- Leiko
- Gaara of the Desert
- Wrath (FMA)
- Cho
- Rikku
- Ed (FMA)

Oh, and one last thing...
Temari-chan and Shikamaru-kun FOREVER!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Awesome song, from an awesome chick, dudes!!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, right!!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   NINJA TACOS!!!!!!
Okay, tell me if this sounds good to you...
-Taco shell
-refried beans
-meat(I don't eat it with this, but my dad does)
-Chocolate syrup
OMG, it SO DELICIOUS!!!! I was messing around in the kitchen, like I always like to do, cause I like to make crazy stuff, then eat it and see if it's good. My dad was making tacos that night, and, since I don't like to willingly eat meat, my dad was all like...
"Well, why don't you try putting something else in it, other than meat?"
So, I made my usual taco; beans and cheese in a taco shell, and when I went to get some tea from the fridge, I saw some chocolate syrup on the shelf, and was all like...
"Aw, what the heck? Might as well try..."
So I ate it, and was all like...
"OMG, this is SO GOOD!! I should name this!"

So, for the rest of the day, I was wondering what I should call it. Soon, I started feeling really hyper, and like I wanted to punch something.
*when do I not??*
Then, I went to the living room, and saw that Naruto was on, and was all like...
"That's it!! NINJA TACOS!!"
SO, yeah....
I was just talking to someone about Taco Bueno, and it reminded me of this time...
*drum roll*
Sakura vs. the Bottle of Windex!!

-Le Gasp!!-

Send in your votes today!

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