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hi there! thankyou so much for visiting!! please view my gallery and sign my guestbook if you have time! *bows* thankyou!

and i'm a proud member of the akatsuki fanclub! GO AKATSUKI!!!akatsuki fc

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

omg... school tommorow 9.9''' *dies* I hate school! and i have over 20 requests to finish and !!!! i have to start my GCSE coursework (etc etc) you get the idea///
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

good news! I'm on page 6 of my art book - its going to be published in about a month, then i'll give previews and details on how you guys can order (if you want) Its called "manga" understandbly, its got brief tutorials on manual colouring, photoshop, drawing, linearting etc... a chapter called "references" with just a few pages of solid pretty drawings and poses that can be used as references. A bit about myself and some personal drawings which i give brief descriptions - previews of my manga (although i've only got 6 pages up here - i've done at least three volumes, each volume having roughly 180 pages - i never get the chance to scan them in and tidy them up though -.-')<3<3pretty good for a 13 year old,ne? I haven't even told my parents yet XD i hope people like it when it comes out! :)
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

   A FIRST >:(
and once again i will sound like a whiney spoilt brat... but i couldn't help noticing this was my first naruto fanart not to be featured, i don't really mind... except when i viewed the bottom piece of art on the featured list. (it was very good *voted*) it has 50 views, 10 votes, 4 users and 2 comments. Fair enough. but why isn't mine featured when its got 129 views, 12 votes, 7 users and 3 comments? it remains a mystery... AND I'M NOT HAPPY! >:(

(this was not aimed at the artist - i voted for that piece because i thought it was good. Its aimed at the annoyingness of the otaku. BAH. XD)

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