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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


we had a snow day today! i'm at a friends house. it is her bday today and we got up at 5am, we were all ready and we found out bout the snow day!! *rawr* well now we have 40 cupcakes to devour!!!!^^

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++[Blood Spiral]++


i'm going to start writing a vampire story sometime soon, i just need to work through the last details. in a less detailed verson, vampires live in another 'universe' and have run out of their blood supply so they come to earth dec 12th, 2012. a small group of humans take refuge in a military underground base. a few years later the vampires find them and force them to be blood slaves. families breed and buy/sell the humans. they drain blood every three days. they put the blood into a glass rose, giving it the red petals. each vampire requires one rose daily. animal blood is possible but only used in extreme situations. animals blood fulfills the hunger but they dont recieve the same amount of power and they need four roses of animal blood. celestial is bought by the silvercrest family. of course they are all mean but she befriends sabbath, he falls in love with her. she eventually turns to a vampire. they can only do that on dec 12 (when all the vamps come together for a ball).they drain the human kiling them, then place a red rose on their heart. vamp blood is transfered to the human and the rose turns black. i want a evil cousin or something to come after her, a chase around the world...vampires have normal abilities and are killed when their 'eternity amulet', a heart shaped pendant, breaks (which is oober rare and dificult to do). male vampires have shimmery black hair and the females have silvery hair. their eyes are red during the daylight...due to the sun and at night they turn silver, to reflect the moon.....that is some of the details i am for sure using.

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