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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ok, regular day today...

then it is a shore 2.5 hour day, then FREEDOM!!! I am going FULL SPEED karting at KARTRAK RACING in Mt Vernonm, WA. It will be a BLAST...none of that 15 mph kiddie stuff!!! if anyone has heard of that place, please give me feedback or anything! and i have to continue building and urnishing that room, getting close to done and all, so for the future, here is the pic of the day!

ME HOPE THIS DONT HAPPEN!! Dont worry, it wont!

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Monday, November 22, 2004


me put up 3 more greetings...YAY!!!

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   me post from school

since i said i was going to! d_d well, smell ya l8er, um, i mean, ttyl~

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   weekend over, but in theory, ITS WEDNESDAY!!!

Because tomorrow is thursday, then wednesday is friday, then 2 saturdays, two sundays, then normal life! TGIT (thank god it's thanksgiving!) Today: dismissal at 1:20PM; Assembly on thanksgiving--Tomorrow, normal everyday B day--Wed., 10:40 dismissal!! THEN 5 DAY WEEKEND!!! YAHOOYAHOO!! SO HAPPY !!! ttyl~ il post at school maybe.,......

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

   im sorry ppl!!

I have been dso busy with putting up the wall for my grandma's room and on top of that, my internet server crashed again, so i havent been able to get on anything! WAHH!! sorry if i didnt visit your site today or yesterday...ttyl, i hope~

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Saturday, November 20, 2004


well, today i built the wall to my gramndma's room all exdcept putting on the paneling and mounting the door! anyways, i have to go now to my end-of-the-year soccer part, so i g2g! byebye!

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Friday, November 19, 2004

   good news bad news....

GOOD = i got my expander plate out today!! YAY!!

BAD = they replaced it with the hinges i was talking bout....*grunt* theyre so ANOYING!!!
But they arent ba, so ill get used to them...wutz 11 months of em.....meh~

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me at school...heeehee

Hi all i didnt have a chance to post last night, or at home this morning cause my internet crashed, (as usual) but ill have it fixed by the time i get home. this pic is pretty funny! so um, not much going on....except the biggest party of them all...TGIF!!!!!!! YAYHOO!!! ok, ill post later~

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Thursday, November 18, 2004



INTERNET/HTML (the reason my site is so good..) A+
MATH 2.0 B+ WHY?!??!?
IPSH (Integrated Physical Science Honors) A
LA9 (language arts) A


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Woah, grades come out today...i hoope i did ok, i mean im usually all A's, so i shouldnt be worried, but who isnt??!! ill let you know what i get later today!! ttyl~

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