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Monday, December 6, 2004

   busy as usual....*sigh*

well, i have been over at my grandparents' house to put up their x-mas lights and hook up their new computer and such, but i havent been able to do the things i need to bcause my sister smacked my hurt knee so now it is hurtier...(uh, dont ask...) and so things have been slower, but YAHOO FOR NO SCHOOL TODAY!!! YAY!!! ^__^ seeee ya later!

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

What Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
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WE WON THE GAME!!! and, this was the team that earlier, we had beaten 11-0.remember that? well this time, it was only 6-0!!! YESSS, WE ARE IN THE SEMI-FINALS GAME!!!! we play next saturday at Queen Anne Bowl, another nice field..ttyl!

The Personality Resume

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Would you rather be an African elephant or an Asian elephant? Why?Um, how bout a tiger?
Would you rather freeze to death or burn alive? Why?freeze, id be too clod to feel it ^^
Name three movies you likeday after tomorrow, finding nemo, and titanic
Name three books you likemeh, who reads?
Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Which one(s)? Why?um, none, cause theyre FAKE
Republican, Democrat or other? Why?other, rep & dem = idiots
Attendance percentage at high school dances?50-50
What television shows do you watch regularly?any animes
Abortion is...something i dont worry about
The death penalty is...a good thing
How do you take your coffee?with extra caffene
How do you take your tea?with coffee
Who's your favorite teacher/professor?the one who doesnt give any HW
How do you feel about your parents?ok
What sort of music do you listen to?alt.
List five or ten bands you listen to.LINKIN PARK!!!, presidents of the USA, Offspring, modest mouse, vengaboys, other
Do you use public transportation?nope, i drive
Ever told someone you love him/her?hmmm....not yet...
Morning person, night person or both?one word...LET ME SLEEP!!!
Siblings?10 yr old pain sis
What are your friends like?funny, nice, you know.... c_c
Amusement parks are?funn!
Cafeterias are?bad food houses
Dogs are?faves
Any phobias, traumas or other weirdnesses?uhhhhhh.............

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if you havent seen them already, check out my pet pics below in the next post, otherwise, nothing new..sorry! ^_^

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Friday, December 3, 2004

   more KANA pics!

can ya tell my dog is big and likes to play soccer?!?!

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well, since i recently purchased a dig. camera, i got more pics to show you guys, so here goes!

Here is another pic of my two cats!

Here is my gentle giant dog--18months old!!!

And here is a pic of our house's xmas lights, courtesy of me, i put em up! i had to censor out the adressed #s, my bussiness phone and the license of my work truck, and so on, for my privacy, but enjoy!

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   oh wow!!

i just remembered, i joined myOtaku.com last year on 12-12-03...my one year anniversary is coming up!!! IN JUST 9 DAYS!!! that is another big deal for me! like my 1000th visit, beating the top 500, and all, this is going to be a big celebration, you might not think its such a deal, but it is for me, so hope to see you then! bye for now, and yes i am still at school posting, i had a chance to clear out some PM out of my inbox, i get so gosh darn many, so later~!

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   well, RE: soccer game....

um good hews bad news thingy again....um, we won our first tourny game 4-0! but the bad news is at the cost of my right knee....now you may remember that my left knee was hurt a while back from i bike accident so i wear a knee pad/brace on my left knee, but last night, i got slide tacked saving a goal, (i was mid-defence)and i got the other guy's ankle, so he had to limp off the field, but i scraped both knees in the dirt, but my right knee didnt have any padding on it, so yup, SCRATCH!! owie, so i have my 2nd tourny game on sat. morn, at interbay stadium, the nicest field in the league! so, ill ttyl!


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Thursday, December 2, 2004

Who is Your Saiyan Battle Partner?
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   short post again

im home for lunch only, ttyl!

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