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hello, mah name is not for you to know! wooo! and you shall do stuff!! yah! meeep! anyvays, i'm sure not very many people will visit here aso hope you'll stick around!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

so anyways....
my friend's best friend is having lots of problems with her friends... or, what did she call them? she called them... something... i don't remember.
I don't knwo, she called me and my friend when we were at my friend's house, adn so my friend put her on speaker and she was all bauling and crying about how some people are complete assholes...
I had no idea who it was though. but my friend called her Bert... that's a strange name for a girl isn't it?

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

   aaah! oooh! eee! I THINK I'M DYING!!!
oh the pain! my stomach hurts like a freaking knife is being stabbed into it and twisted around! and its not that time of the month either!
I tried eating to make myself feel better, but i just threw up, and i can't keep any medicine down that i take! it srsly hurts like hell!
It'll stop hurting for a second, then the pain will come on again and it just kees doing that! ah! it huuuuurts! *cries*

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm going to an anime convention in august! I'm so excited!!! I havew to travel all the way down to chicago, but ti's worth it! AND IT COSTS ME 25$ TO GET IN!!! that's expensiiive! I';m going to cosplay! who should i cosplay as? I have three people picked out....
Princess Zelda-Legend of Zelda
Ayame-Fruits Basket
or San-Princess Mononoke
who should i cosplay? hmm?
and and AND Greg Ayres is supposed to be! He's a voice actor i think...

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