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Thursday, February 17, 2005

   .>.>. HERE GOES!!!

Well...to begin..It all started when I got High speed internet..The knowledge of downloading up to 30 music videos in an hour was Great...>.>. Well Now I need a new drive to hold all my new stuff..-__- An endless cycle..In other news..Memaki is hanging out with the enemy..MY X BOYFRIEND.who we have deemed as gross.............

Well I guess I have neglected Otaku for some time now..I AM SORRY!! I still Love you all.Naruto has also been Licensed by show pro intertainment and can no longer be dowloaded off the internet...which sucks..I have up too 106 and they had up to 120...>.> Well Atleast all you guys can see it when it comes on Adult swim way ...way far in the future...My birthday is coming up in April..I will be 18, and my present is knowing I'm driving myself to the AWA Convention in Atlanta!! This will be the best year ever cause I am doing things on my own!! NO MORE CARPOOL!!! Sorry Kara but I want to drive myself!! And if any of you have noticed Fruits Basket is becoming popular..I got 5 people hooked on it..Which sucks because I claimed Kyo and Haru a year before they even heard of them. I have a Kyo and Momiji plushie too..THERE SO CUTE!! I also have a 3ft Inuyasha plushie that sits on top of my computer..Which reminds me..THE END OF INUYASHA SUCKED BIG TIME!! (i will not tell)..Well that's about all that has happened lately so ..I will stop by your sites!!!!

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

   I love my new Internet...

Yep..Atleast I saved my HTML code for boves ^^ Well It's great to be back and MEmaki..I'm holding your purse hostage!! BWahahaaa!!! Just try to get it back..Anyways..I have bee downloading music and Music videos like crazy...And my new Favorite song is Break away from the Princess diaries 2 movie...Very good by the way..well i hope to here from you soon bye!!!

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Friday, February 4, 2005

   I'm Back!!!!!! And better than Ever!!
I now Have Comcast Cable Internet!! ^^ Ya !! Now I can Be on the web more!! i love you Comcast!!!
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