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Monday, September 11, 2006

   Embarassment At Its Best
OMG...That's the only thing I can say...My classmates forced me to audition for the Dominican Idol (bleh...an American Idol rip-off) and practically dragged me from my working place to the principal's office! I was in the middle of a puzzle-making contest and they go there and just shag me against my will!

They said it was the Asst. Principal and my Adviser who asked me to go.

And so I sang. And lo, it was as if the ground would break and swallow me whole with the ugliness of my voice. I sang My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion...and I, I had colds! Gosh, my voice trembled really...And to my utter humiliation, I forgot the lyrics on the first stanza! My dear...And I had to signal my classmates to tell me the next lines of the song as the teachers listening just laughed along. It was SO embarassing...*hides* And I literally choked on my words when it came to the high notes, "You're here, there's noooooottthhhhiiinnngg I fear, and I know in my heart we'll go ooooonnnn....Wee''llll staaaaaayyy, FOOOOOREEEEEEEVEEEEERRRR this way, you are safe in my heart and, my heart will, go ooonnnn and oooooonnnnnnn...."

I wanted to put a brown paper bag on my head with holes in it...

Oh, and by the way, I have new art! (Well, not so new really, but it's worth a look...)

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Friday, August 18, 2006

   First Post! Lol.
Uhmm...I'm really lazy to post stuff in my profile so I'll just be putting up this pic of me in the meantime...^_^

Oh yeah, I also posted two Aya Fujimiya fanarts. They're the same actually but the other one has a bg and the other has none...

Gotta finish another YGO fanart so toodles!

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