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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/02/07:

What would occur in your meeting with Yami Bakura by Siermana
Your first name
Your age
Date you'll meetMarch 3, 2008
What you'll say when you run into him
His responseCome closer.
What you will do
His reactionPush you to the ground right where you are.
LaterYou will be lying in bed together. He'll turn, look at you and smile, saying, "You are by far the best fuck I have had in a long time." He will then kiss you fiercely, snag a piece of tail, then leave you lying breathless in the bed, desparate for more from him. You call out to him before he leaves.
He'll tell youGoodbye, my dear.
Chance you'll see him again
What will be the result?Females will get pregnant. Males will never want to fuck another man because Bakura was so damn good.

Result Posted on 04/15/07:

What would happen if you met Yami Bakura... (girls ^~) by IrishDream
Your Name...
Your age...
Your hair color...
Your eye color...
You meet Bakura...
He says...Nothing, he just smirks
while...pulling you towards him roughly
you say...
then he...*forces you into unconsciousness with the Millennium Ring and whispers* we'll have fun when you wake up... *laughs evilly*
He looks like...

Result Posted on 04/03/07:

Your Dragon Ball Z guy. (DBZ) by raybird
Fav. Color
Your guy isVegta
The chance of you two staying together is
If you guys don't work your next guy will beJace

Result Posted on 04/02/07:

A Date With Trunks! (DBGT) by Ninja_13
How you metHe bumped into you while he was leaving work
WhereAt the park
What he thoughtShe seems so depressed and alone
What you thoughtIs this a dream?
How he asked youUmm... *blushing* would you like to... go on a date?
How much he likes you
How much you like him
Are you happy?Yes, very happy *dreamy sigh*

Result Posted on 04/01/07:

What kind of ring will Hiei give you and is he going to love you (yu yu hakusho) by Tsukaei
Favorite color
Favorite thing about Hiei
The ring hiei gave you isnot a ring but a pendant
How much he loves you
how much you love him

Result Posted on 03/25/07:

Who's Your YuYu Hakusho Love Match? by Itsuyaki
Eye Color
Race (based on show)
WhoYouko Kurama
WhenSomeone hid behind you
WhyLove at first sight
Where Will He Propose?During a fight (blunt...very blunt)
Kids later on?4

Result Posted on 03/14/07:

Time for a Yu Yu Hakusho sleepover! by shadow_kris
Your name
Your age
Fav color
Where's the sleepover held?Kurama's place
During spin the bottle, you get kissed byHiei
During 7 minutes in heaven, you get stuck withKarasu
You get dared toEat Yusuke's gym socks
HieiRuns around the house butt naked
YusukeStarts trowing flower petals everywhere
KuramaCries because everyones calling him girly
You all fall asleep at3am
you wake up next toHiei
How much fun it was

Result Posted on 03/14/07:

What Would Yami Marik Do If You Met Him? by CrystalSuicune
How do you react when you see him?
His Reaction*he comes closer to you*
You Say
He SaysOh so you think you can escape!?
He*he throws you to the floor and laughs*
He SaysI think I may have just found my QUEEN!
He Does*he takes you to be his queen*

Result Posted on 03/14/07:

What would happen if you met Yami Bakura? by Varius
Where you meet him:Dark alley
What you say:
What he says:
What you do:
What he does:Pins you against the wall and kisses you
What happens next:He stays with you
What you do:*sighs* Bakura...
How much he likes you:
Will you see him again?Yes,He'll never leave you

Result Posted on 03/13/07:

Your Wicked Hiei Date! by Winter_Angel
Fav YYH Boy?
The reason for your dateHe was dared to
Where is your date?Through the forest
How much does he spend?149
Does he like your outfit?Of course
After the dateThat was it.....
More dates?

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