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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/08/07:
i love kurama, so true!!!

Life with Kurama or Hiei by wolfofdarkness
Fav. Color
Who do you like most?
Hiei:Likes you
Kurama:In love with you (Lucky BITCH!)
How many kids?7
How much Hiei likes you?
How much Hiei hate you
How much Kurama like you
How much Kurama hate you
Will you live happly ever after?Yes

Result Posted on 03/08/07:

Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Or Yoko by lilly_b_deadly66
Yoko Likes you...
Hiei likes you...
Kurama likes you...
Yusuke likes you...
will you get in bed with one of them?
Does one of them love you?They all want a turn to be in bed with you! ~_^

Result Posted on 03/05/07:

What Happens When You and Hiei Meet? (Gurls Only!!!) by firecat87
Favorite Color:
Where yall meet:During his mission to kill you
Hiei said:Time for you to die
You said:...
You both end up:Fighting
His thoughts afterwards:*Wow!!!*
Your thoughts afterwards:*That will not be done again.*
How much you like him:
How much he likes you:
Chances of something *wink* happening later:It's happening now!!! *wink*

Result Posted on 03/05/07:

How will you and Hiei meet? (Chix only) by Pyromistress91
Fav. Color
Eye Color
Hair Color
Your personality
Where you meetForest
When you meetNear dawn
Reason why you metHe knew you somehow
His reaction*blush* "You should watch where your going
Your reaction"Hey I know you from somewhere"
Chance of having sex with him

Result Posted on 03/05/07:

If you met the Yu Yu Hakusho gang by Navy Blue Tears
Where you met:At the hospital
How:They were supposed to kill you
Yusuke:spits on you
Kuwabaka:Kills himself on site of you
Hiei:Buys you a present
Kurama:Blows up your school (Yes!)
They would pay you to:Try to Kill Hiei
How much:$267,659,437,016
As your leaving:You break down in tears
Percentage of this really happening:

Result Posted on 03/03/07:

What would Yami Malik and Yami Bakura do to you in your Sleep? =o by Sin
Do you like Yami Malik?
Do you like Yami Bakura
If you saw Yami Bakura, what would you say?
If you saw Yami Malik, what would you say?
Where would you meet them?
What Yami Malik would say when you metNerd! You're such a nerd!!
What Yami Bakura would say when you metI will crown you as my own, my dear...
That night as you sleep, Yami Malik will...Wake you up, giving you a tender sweet kiss of love
That night while you sleep, Yami Bakura will...Leave you a pair of Victoria Secret wings and leave you some fancy underware for next time ;3
Chances you'll see either of them again?

Result Posted on 03/03/07:

Your "fun" adventure with Yami Bakura by Mazu
Current attitude:
You see Bakura...how do you react?
Bakura says...:*smirks* heh heh heh
Then you...:
Bakura...:*rips your clothes off* rawr...*rubs your sides*
A picture of him...:
How much he liked you:feh, he could care less...
In the end...:You were set free and became a celebraty
I charge you:$754,916,820

Result Posted on 03/03/07:

What would occur in your meeting with Yami Bakura by Siermana
Your first name
Your age
Date you'll meetMarch 18, 2006
What you'll say when you run into him
His responseLet us go and have a little time alone.
What you will do
His reactionPush you to the ground right where you are.
LaterYou will be lying in bed together. He'll turn, look at you and smile, saying, "You are by far the best fuck I have had in a long time." He will then kiss you fiercely, snag a piece of tail, then leave you lying breathless in the bed, desparate for more from him. You call out to him before he leaves.
He'll tell youGoodbye, my dear.
Chance you'll see him again
What will be the result?He'll come back moments later, having forgotten his jacket, then you'll end up going at it again, three more times, before he leaves, forgetting his jacket again.

Result Posted on 03/03/07:

Which Yu Yu Hakusho Guy Will Fall Madly In Love With You?? by DestinyTheDarkAngel
Biggest Fear
Faveorite Color
Birth-Date (M/D/Y)
Personality Trait
Height (ex.: 5 foot 5 inches)
The Guy Who Will Fall Madly In Love With YouToya

Result Posted on 03/02/07:

What would happen if Bakura met you? o____o;; by black_leopard_9
Fav. color?
What you say / do to him.Put boxers on your head and pretend to be him.
What he says/does to you.He hit you with a car he just stole...
Jump on the good foot and do the bad thing??So many times I lost count..*bashes head on wall*

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