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Thursday, January 10, 2008

   can't wiat until torrow.. i'm so happy .. i love u so much keith
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

new poem i it's called my prince
You saved me when i just about ready to give up on love.
You been there for me though everything.
You call me ur kitty ur angel.
I love you with all my beeing .
I don't want to live a day without you by my side.
I can't wait to meet you.
Were meant to be.
I love you my princeand my bad boy and that's all that matters.

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   what happend today
i had a good day .. in 2nd my stakler left me alone and so did his friend.. so i think they finally got the message to leave me alone.. in 3rd we dance to ai'm to proud to beg.. s so i had a good day .. expect i'm little sore.. i'm not wure why though
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my heart
My heart was broken. The pain of my broken heart was great. I was thinking what was the use i should just give up on love. THen u came into my life and u fixed my broken heart and helped me open my eyes to ur wondrful love. i love u so much my bad boy. and i thank u for fixing my heart and opeing my eyes to ur love. ur little kitty loves her bad boy so much.. and i'll always be ur little kitty.
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   two more days to go after today .. i can't wiat either keith
Anime Couples 32
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what happened today
okay in 2nd my stalker didn't even brother me he was brotheing the teather to much .. his friend hiised at me once.. the teacher got onto both of them .. but aslo not letting everyone know what happened and the teacher siad the principal will talk to them today .. i doubt he did .. but anyway .. i probaly have to dance angain in 3rd torrow.. i don't mind.. it ain't i a partners dance.. so that's good..
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Monday, January 7, 2008

what happened during 2nd and 3rd
okay during 2nd my stakler nathan and one of his freinds kept calling me kitty oand his freind at the he of class was throwing things at me i went on them they look and siad have u lost ur mind.. well at the end of class after everyone left i went up to the teacher and told him what happend.. he was like that's it i'm reporting them today .. so i guess that's good.. okay it's great... okay in 3rd we had to learn a 30"s dance.. witch was really hard.. and made look like idots on stage.. cause we was in the autidom doing this.. anyyway .. i had to dance partner it was a girl .. the first one was like goofing off so the teacher made us switch .. the second and me still didn't get it.. so we pretend to do the dance to past the time .. and make a good grade.. so that's it.. i guess i had an okay day
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

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   Thumper !!!
thumper stomp
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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   i'm better
i feel a whole lot better thanks for all ur comments i stil l hurt some more like hardly any.. but i still coudn't go to school today..
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