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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   chapther 6&7 of 17 meets Tammyoko

Chapter 6: Trunk's Kidnapped's Tammyoko and tryies to kill 17 / Scene: 17's Beach's house /

'' Look, at them, disgesting, It's it 18."siad Trunks as he looked through the back van window. And saw 16 was grauding 17 and Tammyoko. "How are we going to get her out of there." siad 18. "Sample, just get 16 out of the van first."siad trunks as an evil smile crept upon his face. "ohno, no "siad 18 as she climb into the van and slid 16 out the of the van and push into the water. so the current would carry him out at sea. "Grab 17, his hands, u maron, now i just slip her right towards me."siad Trunks as he slip her out of 17's arms. And over his shoulder and out the van
/ back at trunks house/ "chin her hand up, and tie her feet up. Thanksi can take it from here."said Trunks as he said bye to 18 and watch Tammyoko wake up and try to loossing the chins and watch the horror speared across her face. As she saw naked Trunks hovering over her. "NO, YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS, YOU FUCKING BASTARD."screamed Tammyoko as Trunks kissed her forefully./ Next moring, Android's van/ "Trunks i'm going to kill him, he took Tammyko away from me. I mean kidnapped her, arr, I'll kill him."siad 17 as he started the van up. And drive over to trunks house./Trunk's house/ "Tammyoko, here u are.. I take them off. siad 17 as he slammed into trunk's room. with tears rolled down his cheeks. And untied Tammyoko and put her. in the back of the van and cover her up. "We meet ... and this time Tammyoko ain't here to protect you." Said piccolo as he attack 17 with a knife in his back. "17... NO... Piccolo, I'll kill you."said Tammyoko as she teleported behind Piccolo and stab him over and over agian until Piccolo was died. "YOU DIE NEXT..." sceamred Tammyoko as she started to stab Vegta. But he stop her attack... as she started balling." piccolo... kill...17." said Tammyoko through her sobs. "You really loved him... didn't you."said Vegta as he pulled the knife out of her hand. "y did Trunks do this to me... y does he always want to hurt me. y... he's so crazy... he must love to see me in pain."said Tammyoko as she cryed evening harderd. Trunks watch from a distance. and he started crying too.

Chapter 7: Trunks askes the magical dragon to bring 17 back alive/ Scene: Andoned warhouse

Trunks laid the 7 dragon balls down on the ground and siad the magical words to summon the magical dragon. "Dragon, I have one wish. I wish Andriod 17 was healed and back alive, and in Tammyoko's arms."said Trunks as the dragon grated Trunks wish and went back inside the dragon balls. / Android's van/ "Y did u do this to me. Did i do something to dervie this... y ... tell me."said Tammyoko as she sta inside the back of the van, looking up at the staris. and holding 17's bannda. "Hey hottie cute outfit."siad 17as he put he's arms around Tammyoko and kissedher face."17, YOU'RE BACK ... but... how."said Tammyko as she stated crying as she put her arms around Tammyoko. "I don't know. I guess we'll never find out."siad 17 as he kiss tammyoko roughfully.

( Will Trunks ever tell them his secert wish)

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

   chapter 3-5 of 17 meets tammyoko
Chapter 3: Piccolo finds out Tammyoko and 17 are togther/ Scene: Outside Trunks's house/

" such a beautiful day. Thanks for coming with me."said Tammyoko as she started to knock on Trunks door. And she grab 17 hand. "Don't be scared. I'll be here to protect you."said 17 as he french kiss Tammyoko roughfully but playfully. "Tammyoko, 17, get away from him."screamed Piccolo as he attacked 17. But Tammyoko block his patch. And got hit instead. "Trunks... Don't touch me... 17....help me up... love you 17."siad Tammyoko as she let 17 pick her up bribal style. 'Tammyoko, NO... what did do to you . To make you leave me for him."siad Trunks as he started crying. "You rape me that's what you done to make me leave you ... Let's go 17." siad Tammyoko as 17 carryed her off to thier van. " I going to have her back if it's the last thing i do."siad Trunks with furry in his eyes as he watch 17 drive the van away from his house./ Inside the van/ "I Don't think Trunks is going to give me up so easily."siad Tammyoko as she watch 17 disrobed in front of her. " I won't let him have you. Now forget about him... Just focuse on me and you."said 17 as he cuddle up next to Tammyoko and kissed her everywhere. "Your'e right he ain't that stupid..."Said Tammyoko as 17 kiss ingorning her plea's for air. "Calm down 17, we've have all night to make love to each other."Said Tammyoko painting./Trunk's house/ "So how do you plan to get, Tammyoko back... She's crazy about 17... I can't believe you rape her... You Idiot."said Piccolo as he sat down on the bed. Which he was crying. "Simple, you kill him ... If she don't come willingy."said Trunks with furry in his eyes.

Chapter 4: Trunks wants to give Tammyoko a second chance / Scene: Andriod's van/

" Be right there 17." Said Tammyoko as she fixed her hair in side ponytial. "Trunks, what the hell you doing here . LET ME GO...HELP...17...."Said Tammyoko as Trunks tryed to rape her agian. "Tammyoko, GET OFF OF HER, YOU WHITE HAIR FREAK." said 17 as he attack Trunks with the big bang attack. And Trunks gone flying out of the van. "AND STAY OUT, YOU FUCKING BASTARD."siad 17 as he shut and lock the van's doors. "You want some help .. i can help you get her back... is it a deal, good."siad 18 as she walked with Trunks back to his house.

Chapter 5: Vegeta wants Tammyoko to be his queen / Scene: Goku's house/

"Why, can't i date him.. It's better than being raped by your son every fucking night."said Tammyoko as she turned away from Vegta. And as 17 watched from outside. "Just dump him for someone strong, handsome .. someone like me."Said Vegeta grab Tammyoko's waist and pulled her close to him and tryed to kiss her. " Your where, he gets it from. You think a woman should have no choose at all. Whatever, I'm out."Screamed Tammyoko as she slamed the door in Vegta's face and grab 17's hand and left.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

   Tammyoko meets # 17 chapter 1 and 2

Chapter 1: Trunks and Tammyoko's fight / scene: Tammyoko's house

"How, could you, say that stuff about the Android's you don't even know them."screamed Tammyoko as she closed the bedroom door on Trunks. "Honey, thier pure evil, do you want you'r dad to die from a heart diesase."Said Tunks as he open the bedroom door. And seen Tammyoko was gone."TAMMYOKO."screamed Trunks out the window and he starting crying.

Chapter 2: # 17 meets Tammyoko and falls in love with her/ Scene: Outside Bulma's house/

''Hey hottie, cutie outfit."siad 17 as he brush his hands on Tammyoko's back. " Leave me the hell alone, and fuck off." Said Tammyoko as she turned around to face 17 blushing. " Come on i ain't such a bad guy. I know how much you love me. i love you more than that." siad 17 as he leaned in to kiss Tammyoko softly. "I Just left my man, to defend, you and your gang." siad Tammyoko as she let 17 kiss her softly./In thier van/ "18 and 16 are gone for right now, thier going to hate me for this but idc."siad 17 as he liad Tamyoko down on the bed. In the back of the van. "Don't talk, Just kiss me."siad Tammyoko as she pulled 17 on top of her./16 and 18 return/ "How could you, she's dating a tader."siad 18 as she open the door to the back of the van." I love her, she's one us."said 17 as he kissed Tammyoko roughly. "Cool, as long as she don't squal on us."sid18 and 16 in unision. "well then, then get the fuck outa here."said Tammyoko and 17 in unison as 17 closed the van door on 16 and 18. /Inside the van/ "I love you... Tammyoko, your'e perfect."siad 17 as he run his hand down her back /Flashback to when Trunks raped her/ "STOP... TRUNKS...NO...DON'T RAPE ME."screamed Tammyoko as she watch 17 kiss her. "Did Trunks rape you ... Your'e safe now... I won't let him get to you now."siad 17 as he hold Tammyoko close to him." I'm sorry... But I had a flashback to when he was raping me... Can we just stop for today... I'm not in the mood right now... okay... thank's for understanding 17." siad Tammyoko as kiss 17. Before she put her clothes on, and watch 17 put his clothes on too. Then they jumped out the back of the van.

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Friday, April 6, 2007

   contiuned chapter 3 and some of chapter 4 of the battles of ryou bakura
/Chapter 3: Tammyoko and Bakura's first date / scene: starmount crossing/
'' I'm not so sure about this, i mean i love horror stroies but movies are different ." siad Tammyoko with fear in her eyes. " It's okay, I'll be there with you . I'll protect you."siad bakura as he slide his hand up Tammyoko's top. '' Why don't we go back to your place and well you know, besides we can't do anything in the movie theater it ain't dark enough."siad Tammyoko as she started to unbotted bakura's pants. '' I think i'm in love , hope fully my parents ain't home."siad Bakura as he turned the car back on and pulled out of the parking lot./At Bakura's House/ "Mom , Dad , Marlik , I guess noone home.'' siad Bakura as a evil smile spread across his face .'That's good right."siad Tammyoko as she realised that she was in mashion. "That's great, come on my room is this way."siad Bakura as he took Tammyoko's hand and lead her up the staris. /In Bakura's Room/ "I can't see, Bakura.'' siad Tammyoko as she walked into bakura's room. "I'm right her, and here's my bed ."siad Bakura as he picked up Tammyoko and put her on his bed. " Bak...ura I... love...you."siad Tammyoko as she watch Bakura disrobed in front of her. "Here, i'll help you back down down.'siad Bakura as he disrobed Tammyoko compelety while Kissing her. Then he started bition Tammyoko's neck gently. "Bakura...stop...wiat..."siad Tammyoko as she felt something poking her. ''what ...oh my Soccer Shoes...there comfy."siad Bakura as he started to suck on Tammyoko boobs while Tammyoko put Bakura's dick in her hand. "Bakura did you hear that. It sounded like a car pulling up in the driveway." Said Tammyoko as she got ready to give Bakura a blow job. " Great, Marlik's home, My younger brother."siad Bakura as he put his pants back one. "Get dressed, hurry.'siad Bakura as throw Tammyoko her clothes. " Marlik, Tammyoko, Tammyoko Marlik."siad Bakura as he watch Marlik circle Tammyoko. as he checked,Tammyokoout. "she's hott, i approved."siad Marlik as he started to leave. "You won't tell Mom and dad will you?"siad Bakura as he wacth Tammyoko put her shrit and skirt back on. "Now bakura, why would i do that to my fav. Big Brother.''siad Marlik as he shut the door behind him.

Chapter 4 : Tammyoko gets prenegat / scene: Hostipal at religh

"YOU'R WHAT, THAT'S GREAT." Siad Bakura as he run over to Tammyoko and put his hand on Tammyoko."Hello little baby." siad Bakura as he rub Tammyoko's stomach." You're not mad." siad Tammyoko as bakura lowered her down on the couch." Why would i be mad, This means we can be a family."siad Bakura as he put his headphons on Tammyoko stomach. Then turned his cd-player on. /That night at bakura's house/

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   the battles of ryou bakura
Chapter 1:/ Bakura meets Tammyoko/ scene:/ starmount high school at the well /

"Tammyoko, this is Bakura, Bakura ,Tammyoko." siad Ally as she watch Bakura shake Tammyoko's hand started blushing. "Hi." said Tammyoko as she started blushing too. "Wow, She's Hott. I'm going to make her mine, If she wants to be or not."Thought Bakura as he started to say something then Ally Interrupruted him. "Bakura ... Please don't not now."siad Ally as she watch a evil smile crept upon Bakura's face. "You don't want her to hate you too." Whispered ally as she wacth Bakura come torward Tammyoko laughing evil."Bakura... NO... I begged you don't ...rape her too."siad Ally as she tryed to pull Bakura off of Tammyoko. "That's ... my good girl...stay still."siad Bakura as he slide his hand up Tammyoko's top. "Tammyoko, just don't let him do what he please, kick him."Siad Ally as she kicked Bakura."No way, I had a crush on him ever since i first seen his show."siad Tammyoko as she felt Bakura pushing inside of her harder and harder. "Marry me ." whispered Bakura to Tammyoko."yes"siad Tammyoko breathless as Bakura stop right before the bell ring for 2nd period."I love you, please be my girlfriend." siad Bakura over the bell. "Sure , i'll be your girl." siad Tammyoko as the bell finshed ringing."What lunch do you have, Bakura." siad Tammyoko as she picked up her us history book and her binder."Cute ass Tammyoko, Oh i have 2nd lunch and my 3rd period is Therater arts 1."siad Bakura as he watch Tammyoko pick up her books for class." i have 2nd lunch and Therater arts 1 is my 3rd period to."siad Tammyoko as she leaned in to kiss Bakura bye." So i see you in 3rd period then."siad Bakura as Tammyoko started to walk to class."yeah, maybe me and you can be in the same group. gotta go to class,by Bakura, love you." siad Tammyoko as she heard Bakura tell her bye then she turned around and run to her 2nd period. as she walked through the door to her 2nd period. right before the tardy bell ring. "Made it.' siad Tammyoko as she sigh in relief then took her seat.

/Chapter 2:Joseph gets Jelous /Scene:on bus 142/

" Who's Bakura, Who's Bakura."siad Joseph as he stared down Tammyoko with furry in his eyes."That's Bakura, find your own seat Josh, Bakura's sitting here."siad Tammyoko as she pushed Josh out of the seat . Then cuddle up next to Bakura as he sat down beside her. And put his arm around Tammyoko before he french kiss her."This is bakura,this white hair freak."siad Joseph as he watched bakura slide his hand up tammmyoko's top."Bakura calm down, don't he's just jelous."siad Tammyoko as she slide her hand hand down Bakura's pants. Which he had his coat over him and her. "I know what's going on under there."siad Joseph as he tryed to pull the coat off of Tammyoko and Bakura."Joseph Jelous, Joseph jelous."siad Josh over and over again. " I'm not take that back, I have a girlfriend."siad Joseph as he started to chase Josh. "Who, that chritsian slut. the only reason why, you're dating her because you know how easy she is."siad Josh as climb under the seat where Tammyoko and Bakura where making out in. "Let's stop before mr. Luffman comes on the bus." siad Tammyoko as she broke off the kiss."Okay, settle down how many do you got?"siad Mr.Luffman as he got off the bus and the police car started moving."Are you doing anything next friday. Do you wanna go the movies with me to see the grude 2 ? "asked Bakura as he started ticking Tammyoko's bare stomach."sure, please stop, I'm very ticklish ."siad Tammyoko beathless.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   for bugs part 2
As i sit her crying about what had happen. I recall killing you for what you done to me. You made me do things for you. That i normally wouldn't do. After all that pain, and hurt you put me me through ... i still love you. But i knew i had to kill you. B/c if i didn't you do it to me agian. Like you always do. You'll say your sorry you'll change. But it's all the same. YOU say you'll change, and i forvige you, thenyou break my heart. over and over. It never ends. SO ihad to put an end to it. Even through it end up you dieing for your deed. And what you done to me. WILL I EVER BE FREE!!!
Ryoko's Daughter,

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

   my story:The battles of Bakura Ryou 2/chapter 1: Bugs meets Marlik
"Marlik, what the heck are u doing here."said Tammyoko as she broke off the kiss. "Bakura told me to protct you from that bastard."said Marlik as he pointed to Bugs."Anthoer freak, you can't have her. she's my girlfrend. "Mine."screamed Bugs as he ran off with Tammyoko over his shoulder."Bugs were are you taking me."said Tammyoko as she watch Marlik disappear."Aprivate place where we can be alone."said Bugs as he sat Tammyoko down, then kissed her long and hard."HEY, Tammyoko, DANG GET A ROOM." said Shavoone as she watch Tammyoko broke of the kiss."Tammyok, why don't you come overto watch the red rose tonight ."said Bugs as he help Tammyoko up.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

   For Bugs
After all the hurt, pain,and soorow you put me through. I will have my revenge. All the days i sit back and let you have your way with me. Forcing me to do what ever you wanted me too.I'm won't let you control me nomore. While you sleep in that comfy bed of yours. Iwill sneek into your room. Even through all the memories, the good and the bad memories, I won't let that stop me now. I makke feel the same pian you put me through. And when you reach out your hand out in mercy. And tell me to forgive you. Tell me you be different if i just take you take you back, and forvige you . As one last tear rolled down my cheek as i stab you with the bloody knife over and over agian. I screamed: I'M FREE AT LAST. - Tammyoko
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