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hey there! i'm kevin, and its a pleasure to finaly be on here and make some friends. so how does that sound? i'm a pretty decent guy, who already has the greatest of friends here in my little town in az. my plas rachel & tory rock, as well as ben too. and best part is rachel loves anime! she got me hooked on it 100% and even has an otaku of her own- koneako.
so i hope we can be friends! carry on, carry on,

Thursday, December 27, 2007

so like i said. theres this 1 girl i really like. she doesnt know i like her, and im not saying names either. i know she likes this other guy...who i odnt even know. and i wonder if she even knows him. i know they're friends, and i know he knoes she likes him. but he breaks her heart so many times too. i know she gets jealous of who he talks to, but she never goes out with it. she usually jst comes over to my house crying. and since i like her, i have to step down from telling her that i like hr, when shes in lov w/ him so much. he hurts hr so much, but shed never tell him that, even if he said to her to get the heck away. shed do it. with out a doubt in her mind to make him happy. hes spoiled in her heart.
but what can i do?

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