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Takkun wants me to be in charge of his site while he play with his new one it's emo-toko
For Those who dont know me I am Takkun sister InuyashaLady15visit me sometime and my friendz ^^

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take Over

Yea takkun said that something was wrong with his site so he made another one but he forgot to delete it i ask him what do he want me to do with it since i fixed it he said to take care of it....

Well I guess some of ya are my new friends ^^

and some arent cuz i have some of u as a friend and one other reason y takkun dont want this site is bcuz he's trying to avoid his ex or that what i think he delete kenshinlover84 gb signing oh well hmph well i c ya later i only commented on sites that updated

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pfft I have no idea what im doing on my brother's site XD well im getting off bai

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