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w00t i love anime. best form of cartoons out there. my first anime was cowboy bebop and i didnt really know much about it. then i started watching rurouni kenshin that is one of my favorite animes out there. i live in puerto ordaz venezuela south america, i go to a boarding school here. been down here for 14 years. 12 of those ive lived in the jungle in villages among indians and a school base called TamaTama on the orinoco river. that is it for now. if anyone of you people who visit my site know how to make my backround so you can actually see my pic please tell cause i dont like not being able to see the full pic thanx.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

   Resident Evil 4
That is probaly the greatest game i have every played i just love shooting zombies and seeing there head pop like a baloon. It is a sweet game and i recommend it for a ton of people who like the shoot em up game. And if your parents ask you why you just blew that guys head to pieces you just respond it was a possesed zombie and im saving the presidents daughter. they will usually leave you alone after that lol. anyway it is a awesome game and im gonna play it right now : )
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