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Thursday, July 14, 2005


so ... tired ... Zzzzzzzzz ...
*head thunks on desk, effectively bringing her back to the word of the conscious*
It's 4:46 AM and I should be asleep, I know I should, but my muses picked this very inconvenient time to start jabbering at me, so ... can't. Whatcha gonna do? Meh. The only thing I'm really ticked off about is that the fact that although I have an idea, a place to start, all it's doing is giving me more questions and obstacles to get around. It's going nowhere fast, but they *glares at muses* won't let me let it go.
Maybe I'll just say screw working out the entire plot, go with the little I have figured out and wing it from there.
Eh. I'll figure that out when I'm more awake (heh. riiight. like that's ever gonna happen). At least I have finally found a place for my Rhyn and my sweet, sweet Maddie. *huggles him* They were some of my finest characters (the indomidable Nicola de Angelis aside, tee he) and deserve to be set down in lead, in some form.

Y'know, I'm not doin' anything but rambling, so I'm gonna go ahead and end it here.
Good morning and good night! ^__^

I apologize for not having gotten to any sites in such a very long time, but I swear that the people who comment will get visited!
Thank you all for being so patient with me!

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   for Silent Love

He he, Mimi, my friend, we can sooo say I told ya so to D-sama! Wanna know why? Of course you do! All right then, here it goes ...
Yup! That's right! A boyfriend! Little miss no-guy-is-ever-going-to-look-my-way has a boyfriend! I am so, so, so happy-giddy-excited for her! Dusty seems like a good guy (I used to sit by him in Business Computers) and the two of them have been friends for twelve years, so ... It's kinda sweet ... okay, really sweet. I guess they happened to run into each other somewhere and exchanged numbers and e-mails and last night he called her, they talked for over an hour and a half and apparently he just comes out with "Why don't we give this relationship thing a try?" They can't really go out on many dates or anything 'cause of schedules but they talk on the phone and he's going to go see her on his first day off. Talk about cute! She seems happy too and this will be great for her self esteem. Oh, I could hug Dusty for this! He so deserves it! Okay then. *glomps Dusty, then attacks D-sama*

*takes a deep breath and slowly comes back to earth*

Not much else to tell. I have been spending my summer reading - you have no idea how much! - and keeping the house as clean as I am physically able. And as exciting as that is (*rolls eyes*) I think I'll keep the riveting details to myself.

53 days until I get to go back to class!
15 days until Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince comes out!

reading: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   bordom=complete random-ness

I'm curious:

Also ... does anyone else here remember a show called Mummies Alive? It used to be on when I was in ... let's see ... fifth grade? Yeah. That sounds about right. Anyway. I loved that cartoon, watched it every morning before school without fail. I kinda miss it, too, come to think of it. Nostalgia, I guess. Looking back, it wasn't all that great.
Ah, man. Now I have the theme song running through my head ... *groans*

And now for some pics! Well, a pic.

Ja-Kal. My favorite character.

Eh, sorry 'bout that. I think I will leave you poor people alone now. ^ ^;

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Monday, May 16, 2005

   sorry doesn't seem strong enough ...

I missed you guys! *gomps you all*
Ookay. Now that I have that out of my system ...
I got my Suzaku box of Fushigi Yugi (yaaaaay! ^__^), watched it too for lack of anything better to do. It has been rather boring 'round here since the end of the semester. I'm already slightly stir crazy and it's only been six days.


Wow. Six? Only six? It feels like weeks.
So little to do and so much time to fill ...

Eh heh ... I'll be fine ... I think ... ^ ^;


Ahem. Anyway ... I got my scheduling taken care of couple of weeks ago. Here's how it's lookin':
Monday: not a thing
Tuesday: Contemporary Christianity
Wednesday: Theories of Personality, Principles of Economics I, and European History from the Renaissance to the Present
Thursday: Greek Comedy and Tragedy
Friday: the college is closed, so nothin' once again.
I'm excited about most of the classes, but I'm also worried that I went a little overboard. I don't know if I can handle three 300+ level classes. It seemed like a good idea at the time and my advisor didn't say anything against it, sooo ... I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. Might as well try it before I tell myself I can't do it, right?

reading: White Oleander by Janet Fitch. Sagi-sama mentioned that Ingrid reminded her of my mom so I figured I would check it out to see if she was right. I'm still deciding. Heh ...

If you stop by my site after so long a hiatus, I thank you, and if you comment, not only do I thank you I also give you more hugs and the biggest box of pocky out there.
I guess I'll get going now, although what I'm going to do I have no clue. Have a great day, all! *hugs everyone*

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   more of the story ...

As promised, here is the next part our Cinderella story. Thank you Sagi-sama for being so nice as to edit (even though it's her story, too, so it's her responsibility to do it anyway ... *ducks objects that are suddenly being launched at my head and heads for safer places, sticking my tongue out*).
Anyway, on to the story ...

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. Ash wouldn't be able to take sitting and waiting for class to begin for much longer. It had taken him ten seconds to walk down the hall and sit down in his usual seat. So ... a five minute hall break minus ten seconds was ... an eternity when none of your so-called friends were in this stupid math class.
He ran a hand through his shaggy blonde-brown hair before resting his head on his arm and staring at the empty seat beside him. These seats were funny looking. Blue butts and back rests, gray desks and lots of metal bar thingys to hold it all together in a strange G-curve. Who had come up with that design? Or, the better question - why buy it? Personally he himself would have invested in two person desks with barstool seats. Much more fun, though harder to sleep on.
Fifty more minutes. Just five-zero more minutes. Well, almost. Now it was more like forty nine. But nearly fifty and those next forty nine minutes would be complete and utter agony. Was letting him run free too much to ask? Really? Honestly? He only wanted fresh air and natural light.
A short, dark haired girl dropped into the desk beside him, letting her bookbag fall to the floor with a dull thud.
Ash sat up a little. Boredom could easily be cured by one simple thing and usually readily attainable thing: conversation.
"What's your name?" he asked, more than willing to accept the challenge of making a new friend of this girl.
She stared at him as if there was no way he could be talking to her, although she did finally answer after a few seconds had passed. "Gideon."
"Strange name for a female, but can't say that it sounds bad. I'm Ash. Named after a tree. Funny thing is my mom and dad did that to all five of us. Birch, Willow, Ivy and Daisy, though Daisy and Ivy aren't trees. But we're all plants. Strange parents equals strange kids is what Gram says. Do you know the woman who owns Expressions? Wonder what her parents must have have been like." Well, she would either run in terror or laugh at him. Hopefully the later as he did have a tendency to talk until he couldn't quit anymore.
She blinked at him, but her lips turned up in a ghost of a smile. "Mr. Lansin is a retired elementary teacher. Mrs. Lansin used to do the same thing her daughter does now. Tina is a lot like her."
"So you know her then? Gram won't trust anyone else with her hair. She always says that anyone who can dye her hair that well, many times, knows what she's doing. That and I think that she likes the free herbal teas." There it was again, death by asfixiation of the English language; but Gideon just laughed a little at that.
"Gram and Papaw make their own tea most of the time. Gram grows all kinds of things in her green house and what she doesn't, Willow does. She took over Mom and Dad's green house a couple of years ago after she graduated.The Hot House is doing pretty well now." Gideon actually let him talk. Wow. Someone who doesn't think I'm a complete freak yet. Wonder how long it'll last.
"All of us kids are nature nuts. Birch is even studying to be an entomologist, though why is beyond my mere mortal understanding." He couldn't help laughing at the memory of his brother digging around the farm. Gideon watched him, that tiny, surprised smile back on her face.
He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad sign, but he couldn't stop himself if he had really wanted to; but if he had really, really, really wanted to he supposed that be might be able to manage shutting his mouth for a possible ten to thirty seconds. Maybe even for a complete and full minute. On a great day he could even make it to five.
"Birch is something of an oddity. I'm even thinking of asking his girlfriend to go to a therapist. Who, besides him, would seriously want bugs in their house?"
"They'll be in containers," Gideon pointed out.
"But still." He shook his head, mocking his elder brother's chosen profession. "Just imagine eating a plate of spaghetti and looking at the mantle only to see a big twenty gallon tank of worms. Dinner would be over."
"Yeah, I guess it would," Gideon agreed, laughing.
"You should see their apartment." He shuddered again. "I can't believe that my one and only brother wants to study the very things that destroy our crops and ruin our gardens and the girls' flower beds. I'm ashamed to call him family in all honesty. Bugs and plants don't mix. I'm a plant man and he can keep his bugs. Or we could always fight to the death. That would amuse Papaw."
"Amuse him?" Gideon raised a skeptical eyebrow.
"Well, until someone got hurt. He laughs at our mini-fueds rather than punish us. Gram's the one who, in technical terms, is the disciplinarian. Papaw tends to hate anything in the way of punishment. I'm beginning to think that he was a horrible child and was often chastised. Either that or he had enough violence when he was in Vietnam."
"Would it be all right if I started class, Mr. Thompson?" asked Mrs. Johnson, raised her eyebrows at him over her glasses. "The bell rang somewhere in the middle of your speech."
"Which part? There were many." Ash laughed, leaning back in his seat. He smiled over at Gideon, who he decided was now officially a friend, and she smiled back. Although ... she hadn't really said too much and he ... Well, he wouldn't think about that. He grinned at Mrs. Johnson with his most charming, heart winning smile.
Mrs. Johnson shook her head at him, then started class by going up to the board and writing down a few formulas.
"She's completely in love with me," he told Gideon in a hushed voice, trying not to laugh at the idea of himself. The woman would be a nerd if she were still in high school. She even had the spinster bun.
Gideon slapped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing aloud. Mrs. Johnson kept scribbling, oblivious to the titters from the class.
"See. She can't say anything because I'm her student," he told. He raised his head and his voice. "But she can't help but love me. I'm charming, handsome, adorable. Who wouldn't love a guy like me?"
"Mr. Thompson," Mrs. Johnson warned without turning around. Gideon was starting to lose control, her shoulders shaking with laughter.
"Are you trying to get in trouble?" Gideon whispered to him.
"Nah. She'll play along for awhile," he whispered back. "Mrs. Johnson, when can I see you with your hair down? How long is it now?"
Gideon burst out laughing as Mrs. Johnson whirled around. "Mr. Thompson, one more word out of you and you will be in detention, and I trust you don't want another detention, Miss Davis."
Gideon lowered her head, silent now.
That wasn't fair or just in any possible way. Half the class was giggling their heads off. Threatening to give Gideon a detention! The undemocraticness of all this! "You can't threaten her for your being in love with me. It's not her fault that ya can't take a little joke."
"Detention, Mr. Thompson. Friday."
"Come on. You've got to be kidding. It's not like I was serious or something." Gram was going to have cleaning out the stalls for weeks. And two detentions in one week equaled a one day in-school suspension. He couldn't do that to his new buddy. "I don't really think you're date worthy."
"Come on, Ash. Let it go," Gideon whispered urgently.
"What did you get a detention for before?" he whispered back after he had sat down, deciding that perhaps dropping it would be a better idea. If he got an in-school then he would never see the light of day again. If he made Gideon get another detention then he would never forgive himself. Girls didn't deserve detention for little boys' games. Well, some girls. Gideon was a girl. Gideon didn't deserve anymore trouble than she was already in for merely laughing at the old lady.
"I've been late three days this week," she answered, staring down at her desk.
Ash decided to leave things as they were. He was already in trouble, she was already in trouble. They were a perfect match. Two juvenile delequints just asking for more.


Ash is quite a talker, huh? Gotta love 'im. ^___^

Just a little side note before I get kidnapped and dragged all over creation: I won't be able to get to your sites until later, but I will get to them. *hugs everyone* Have a great day!

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Monday, April 25, 2005


I could not be happier! Not only did I pass the stupid math test, I actually missed less than I did on the practice test! *dances around happily yelling at the top of her lungs* I AM FREEEE! FREEEE!
I tell you what, today is a great day! Heck, if things keep goin' like this, this entire week will be great! The weather is back to being nice (I hope I didn't just jinx it), I won't have to deal with the evils of math again for another whole semester, and I'm getting one of my favorite animes for my very own.
Yup, I am most definitely in a good mood.



I think I'll go infect someone else with my hyperness now. *grabs you all in a monster hug, then runs off singing*

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   I suck at keeping promises

All I can say is, once again, I am sorry, and thank you all for commenting even though I didn't make it to all of your sites. I appreciate it. You guys are the best. ^___^
I'm pretty sure you're tired of hearing stuff like that from me, though, so I'll just move on.
I took the practice test (for the math test I will be taking in ... nine hours or so *shudders*) and I missed seven out of thirty two. If I get the same results on the actual test ... NO MORE DEVELOPMENTAL MATH FOR ME! Oh, I hope so very much that my luck holds out. One class isn't much, but it's better than nothin', right?
Here's crossing my fingers!
Oh! Also ... I'm going to be getting the first season of Fushigi Yugi! I am so happy, happy, happy 'bout that it isn't even funny! I was bouncing around earlier 'cause of it. I used to watch in on the International Channel, but I started getting waaay behind and more and more confused when I did watch it, so I just gave up. Now I can start watching it again! If you haven't seen it and you like fantasy and romance, I suggest getting checking it out. The characters are great (my favorite is Chichiri, the sweet, weird li'l monk) and ... well, Watase-sensei does awesome work. She can come up with some of the most involved plots I have ever seen. Her characters are also quite ... distinctive. They're so out there you just gotta love 'em.
Ookay, I think I've rambled on enough about that. ^ ^;
I promise to have the next part of the Cinderella story up within the week. C'MON SAGI LET'S GO EDIT, EDIT, EDIT!
*grabs Sagi by the shirt and drags her off, laughing maniacally*

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   I feel like crying ...

I did it again! Stupid, stupid me! *bangs head against wall* I am so sorry for not updating or visiting anyone! It's just ... I haven't felt like getting on the internet lately. A few things have recently started up again and that's been almost more than I can handle without doing damage to certain personages (gotta love family). I promise that it won't happen again after this! Or, at least not as often or for as long. I missed all you guys too much.
*grabs everyone in a biiig hug*

I have finally decided to start writing on my own again. It's been awhile and I know I'm rusty, but that's never going to change without practice, is it? I figure I'll start small, with a story I don't have to think too much about (although I am ... I'm planning even as I type this), maybe do some fanfiction, which I haven't tried my hand at in a looong time, then move on to bigger, better things. Original work. I'm actually excited about it - and I have my good ol' buddy Snow Guardian to thank for nudging me. If it doesn't end up sounding like complete crap, I might post it up inbetween Cinderella installments.

Only two more weeks of classes and then ... it's over! The best thing of all is the fact that after May 5 I will never, ever have to take Oral Communications again. That alone is enough to make me want to celebrate. We have to give a speech, though - but that isn't freaking me out, because I know what I'm going to do it on already and I'm confident that I can pull this one off if nothing else. It's a speech of tribute and there is no one I would rather do a tribute to than my grandma. She deserves more than one else I have ever met.

Well, anyway, I better get off and start writing before a certain someone has my head (*looks innocently in Snow Guardian's direction*). I promise to get to everyone's site today. No more slacking off for me!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

oh what a world, what a world

Thanks for all the comments on story. I'm glad y'all liked it. ^__^ It will be a couple of days before I post the next part, though, mainy because "prince charming" is introduced and it needs a lot of editing. Y'know, it's a big moment so we want it to sound just right. Right now ... it doesn't. The conversation between him and Gideon sounds forced and kind of dull and besides that, Gideon is almost completely without personality. A major no-no.
Eh, anyway, 'nuff 'bout that. Moving on ...

To what, though? Hmm ...
Well, since I can't think of anything else, I will ask a question: What is your favorite animal? I personally prefer wolves, tigers, and foxes.
I might update later, but until then, have a wonderful day everyone! *hugs*

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Monday, April 18, 2005

   bed ... goooood ...

Sorry I skipped out again. *bows apologetically* It seems I've been doing that a lot lately. There really wasn't anything to report, though, so ... yeah.

Next week we're taking a test in math and if I get a 20 (out of a possible 32) or better, I won't have to go back this semester. I'll be done with the class. Needless to say that I am hoping more than anything that I get at least a 20. I hate math and the class is boring (the teacher is a nice enough guy, though).

Anyway, here is the first installment of our Cinderella story (currently untitled):
"Did you make the beds yet?"
Gideon nodded as she shoved one last notebook into her tattered bookbag. She had made the beds, cooked them breakfast, washed the dishes ... she had even done a load of the laundry she knew she would have to tackle when she got back from the salon. Now all she wanted to do was leave for school. She straighted, tossing her bag over her shoulder, carefully avoiding looking at Kasey.
"What about Candy's bedroom?"
She finally met the eyes of her stepmother. "What about it?" she asked, knowing the answer even before the words were out of her mouth.
"It's not fit for even you to live in. Why would you make the bed if you haven't tidied the rest of it yet?"
"Could I do it when I get back? I'll have more time then." Why she wasted the breath asking, she didn't know. It wouldn't matter to Kasey that school started in fifteen minutes and that Candy's room would take hours to clean.
"You've had all morning!"
No I haven't. Not with everything else you expect me to do. Try telling her that, though. "I will get a detention if I'm late again." And we're wasting time arguing about this, she though even as she dropped her bag back onto the bed. She would have to do it anyway.
"You might have thought of that earlier." Kasey turned, walking to the doorway, which consisted of an old sheet tacked into the frame. "I will be back in an hour. Have it cleaned or you'll start on the Christmas lights instead of bothering with school." And with that she disappeared into the basement.
Gideon stared after Kasey, fighting down the almost overpowering urge to go after her and pummel her perfect, thousand dollar face in. Not only was she going to get a detention now, but Kasey would probably punish her for it later - even though, when you got down to it, it was Kasey's fault she was late in the first place. Candy's room was always a mess, always, and Gideon (surprisingly) had never had to clean it before. So now Gideon was going to be doubly punished because Kasey had (conveniently) forgotten to put that one little thing on the list.
There isn't anything you can do about it now, she told herself, and God did that infuriate her!
"Whatever," she muttered. "I might as well get it over with."
She pushed back the sheet and went to clean her dear stepsister's room.

There ya go. The first scene. I know there are a lot of people who won't read it, but for the people that do , I hope you enjoy it, and ... *hands you a large slice of cake* Thanks. ^__^

Welp, I better go. I have psych in a few minutes. I will get to all of your sites after I get out, I promise!

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