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Monday, April 24, 2006

how are you all doing i can't wait till the anime convention this august hmmmmm i hope chris patton is going to be there YAY anyways me and my friends are tying to make our hotel reservations now because if not then yea there won't be a place now arghhh the bell rung i g2g'
bye ppl!!!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

iam so happy today i got my karmacode lacuna coil cd if you guys havn't heard of that band YOU GUYS HAVE TO!!!! although their pretty famous with their old song swamped and heaven's a lie and their new single our truth which is on the soundtrack of underworld evolution.i can't till they come here on ozzfest anyways i thinking about going to the anime convention.it's like 3 days in baltimore oh and guess what i just got my learner's permit YAY!!!!! now iam saving up to buy a car i already got my laptop and ipod even though right now my laptop doesn't have internet access so now i have to post in shcool.it sucks but o well.yesterday there was this big concert right across where i work let's just say it was really busy at work yesterday there was like 3,00 people in there but it's basically because the concert it free i was there for like 15 nminutes then i went bakc to work o well anyways so how are you guys doing?

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

HY PPL HOW ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!! iam so happy i actually have time today to do whatever i want YAY i don't have work today lol i know iam weird like that LOL yesterday i was in p.e trying to actually serve the birdie i couldn't hit it i found out sonce iam actually left handed that i have to serve the ball with my right hand then switch the racket with my left hand i don't know if i just said that right lol.well turns out that it took me a long time to axctually figure out how to do that then i started crying i think i still act like a child everytime when i do something and i can't do it right i stress out and then i start to cry. i need to stop stressing out but i don't know how to do stop stressing out thaty's my speciality well i talk to you guys later.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

man iam tired i need my coffee well my caramel macchiato THOSE R THE BEST!!!!! yesterday i worked from 2pm till 10 i closed i swear that's a rele hard job I NEED ANIME I HVN'T WATCH ANIME IN A LONG WHILE :( I NEED TO STOP COMPLAINING!!!!awwww i need 2 go again OH YEA NEXT WEEK IAM BUYING A LAPTOP YAY IAM SO HAPPY THEN IAM GOING 2 BUY ONE OF THOSE NEW IPODS YAY WUT MONEY DOES lol

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

iam tired of going to work me dun wanna go
lol o well i nedd money neways iam trying 2 save up 2 buy a lap top because the 1 computer i have home is being gaytarded lol thas my new word i g2g now their kicking me off the computer

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