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You AreThe Keeper of Lost Souls
The Keeper of Lost Souls

Your soul is lost. Lost between the light and the

No longer neutral it remains in a stale mate
wandering through-out time in search of solace
and eternal peace. Something may have happened
in your lifetime to cause you to drift from
'conventional society'; but be that as it may,
you are to remain lost until you find the
peace, or love that your heart so desires.

Be still wandering soul.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Anime Music Videos...DUN DUN DUN!

I've been doing a lot of things lately. Multi-tasking seems all I can be right now. Trying to write stories, reading two novels at once, homework, friends, role playing, saxophone, music....this list goes on for eternity! Waaa!

Lately I've been thinking of creating Anime Music Videos, or AMVs, and finding some to put on here. I have absolutely NO idea how to do any, if all, of that! Anyone know any good software to complete it on, or any good sites for AMVs? HELP ME!

~Tainted Souls of Malice~
~Purest Spirits of Heart~

[div align=center][b]Websites for ya'll to look into:[/b]



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Thursday, September 29, 2005


What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like::guys and girls:: by angel_drifter
Favorite Colors:
What Your Angel Looks Like:
Why Has Your Angel Been Guarding You:to protect you from the evil within you
How Long Have You Been Guarded(years):2
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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Muhahahahaha!!! Tis Halloween soon! I decided to dress up the site all ghoul-like. During Hallow's Eve and the week before, I'll have some Rob Zombie music blaring on the site, and hopefully I can make a code and get "Monster Mash". Ah, the classics. *Sighs*

Anyways, I have a dilema. I have two options for Hallow's Eve-
(1)Go trick-o-treatin' and get a whole bunch of sugary goodness and play candy poker with my friends.
(2) Go to an Audioslave/Seether concert in my area.

Two extremely cool-ness stuff! I want both..:(..I love to dress up, but, AUDIOSLAVE AND SEETHER! Either I say 'Trick-or-Treat' five million times and get high on candy, or listen to 'Be Yourself' and 'Plastic Man'....too many decisions! Wah!

Anywho, if I do go trick-o-treatin', I still need a costume. I'll attempt to put the picture up here if I do. I'm thinking of making my own awesome costume with my own character...

So, ya know, commentate on my smallish brain. ^_^

~Tainted Souls of Malice~
~Purest Spirits of Heart~

_Ghouls of darkened Hope_
_Vampires of thirsted Greed_

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