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I love all anime and manga...pretty much...I absolutely love Hiei,Dende,Vegeta, and Goku! (little Goku and big goku! ^_^ from bragon ball and DBZ)...I've managed to get a lot of my friends obsessed with anime almost as much as me...GO ME!!! I love people acknowledging me and I deffidently accept critisism...it lets me know when I'm being an idiot...so go ahead and flame me! I feel the burn!
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Monday, July 4, 2005

   I'm back!
Hey everyone!^^ Did you miss me? I have successfully survived counselers who don't speak english in front of you! ^^ yay! Now off to American food! *grabs pizza* i'm so glad to be back to electronics and stuff but that was so fun! In case anyone wants to do that, it's called Mori no ike of the concordia language villages and it's in Minnesota! yay! I'll try to visit everyone's sites but I can't promise everyone...gotta do my laundry and stuff...oh! I almost forgot! I went to the mall of America right after I left camp! fun fun fun! Although I was broke and only given 30 dollars to live on...is that a crime? having only 30 dollars at the mall of America?...hm...oh well! I got the second to last dvd of YYH,the new sJ, and FMA vl.2(manga) so I'm pretty happy! yay! okay! gotta go! ^^
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   Goodbye everyone!
Goodbye everyone! I'm off to Minnesota! I'll miss you all! *huggles* (I'll try to visit all your sites before I leave...sorry if the comments are pretty crappy...my dad's just gone to get some stuff at the store...than it's off to minnesota...an 11 hour drive...I'm going to watch the whole series of Trigun on the way there! (with my trusty box of donuts near and a rubber bat to hit the screen when Knives comes into the picture!^^ DIE KNIVES!!!) okay then! I love you all and I'll miss ya! Be sure to post right when I get back!*waves and huggles again*
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Friday, June 17, 2005

   back for a day!
hey! I just got back from one camp and discovered that I get to come back to civilization for a day!^^ yay! *hugs computer and all electronics near* I'm so happy to be back for a day! yay!*huggles all* It rained the first day of camp...oh well! I sang in the rain! YYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! The only problem is all the stupid bug bites! yargh! DIE MISQUITOS!!! okay...I'm gonna make the best of being back starting off with a long hot bath and a trip to borders!^^ yay! ByeBye all! love ya! I'll probably post again if I can right before I go!^^
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