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Monday, April 19, 2004

This is another song i wrote dedicated to my dear friend Greg!
I saw you in a dream
Then I thought is he mean
As I walked by
I locked with his eye
Then felt a sudden tear to cry
It wasn’t badness
Just sadness
I continued to walk
Then went back to talk
Hours passed
This would surely last
As it ended
I felt offended
Then headed home
Just to get in my zone
Days flew
And my sadness grew
I thought of you
Then knew what to do
I headed to that place
Just to see your face
When I did
I hugged you like a kid
From then on
I felt you inside of me
And knew I needed you
Just as you needed me too

dedicated to Greg

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

I love stars so i had to put a picture of some on my site!
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This is a song i wrote!

I was walking down the street
Then I saw you would we meet
You said hi
I said bye
It was meant to be

Later that day I saw you again
As I past you, you grabbed my hand
You twirled me around
And let me go down
It was meant to be

Once we were done
I thought it was fun
He looked into my eyes
And knew I gave it a try
It was meant to be

I smiled
Then felt denial
Doubt crept through
What was left to do
I guess it wasn’t meant to be

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