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I am a crazed anime fan, and have been for a long long long long time! I mostly like magical girl animes (cardcaptor sakura/sailor moon/tokyo mew mew/full moon wo sagashite) but i'm getting into a lot of other genres.
right now i've just finished watching Ouran High School Host Club and am crazy about it!!
Sailor Moon was my very first anime, and so i have a very deep connection with it, but my favorite magical girls have to be the Mew Mews! i aslo adore fruits basket, hana-kimi, princess princess, magical mermaid pichi pichi pitch and many many others-
if you have any suggestions as to what i read/watch next, please tell me!

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Friday, February 29, 2008

I've decided
I've decided to do a new series of mew mew pics depicting their lives before they were mew mews, my first picture "poor pudding....*sniff*" is already up-i'm currently woriking on lettuce; be warned, each mew will be sad in the pictures-that is because they know they need something more in life than what they are doing.

let me know what you think!

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Doth my eyes deceive me? my art on the 'featured art' page today? wow, lol. what craziness is this??? woo and hoo!!

Poor Pudding....*sniff

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

hello hello!
Hola fellow otakuites! guess what? i'm gonna be on break soon~which can only mean one thing--ANIME BOSTON!!! woo and hoo! i'm going with my little cousin this year, hopefully as Mew Ichigo if i can get a costume together in a week ._O Now, Mew Ichigo's not my #1 favoritest mew, but she's the one that caught my eye when i first started the series TOKYO MEW MEW, so i'm paying her homage-if i manage to get a costume i'll def. take some pics at the convention and possibly see some of you there?? my badge'll say 'beth' aka sylvr-chan' so look for me if your in the area, i'll be at the event all 3 days hopefully
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

guess what?
my library at college got a scanner!! woo and hoo! that means i'll be able to upload all my piccys soon-and there are many, lol. d^.^b yay!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

   hello again!

long time no chat, nya? lol. i know i haven't been on for a while *checks to see if anyone cares* *sweatdrop* anywho, i've been uber busy back at school, and just cause i haven't been able to post any of my work, doesn't mean i'm not doin it. along with fan art and homework, i'm also trying to get a cosplay outfit together for ANIME BOSTON this year-i'll be going as none other than Mew Ichigo!! look for me! my badge will say 'beth aka sylvr-chan', lol. and i'll be with my cousin-she might be dressing up as well. i'm so excited, i can't even tell you! i've never been to an anime convention before, and i just found out that 2 of my favoritest authors ever will be there! i hope to get some stuff autographed!!!! well, wish me luck on my costume, i'm gonna need it!

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