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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

   a few things that make me scared
there are a few things that make me scared is hearing alot of strang noises like scraching and creaks in your house and maybe even howls on a fullmoon.when i was young i was scared in the dark and i had bad dreams that i think it'll come true and it really happened.when i was also little i always screamed because i thought there were bad people in my house.and that is what i'm scared of.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   someone joined
my best friend got her own web and she has a wallpaper and a pet pig named autume and its so cute.she also has one guestbook entirie and that was me.i'll tell you a few things me and her that are the same well we both love animals,we both hate brockolie,we both go to the same school,we both love the recsenter and we both are erning money for animal shelter and we have $75.00 dollers.isn't a lot of money for animal shelter?but that isn't the point.she has a very cute wallpaper she picked and a perfect pet pig.
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Monday, July 2, 2007

   one thing that makes me cry
theres only one thing that makes me and it is thinking about my little three year old bird,sam.he died becouse he was sick and he was bleeding becouse he kept on crashing into the wall and i had to run and save him.after that he couldn't even fly around.we took him to the vet and he died at the animal hospital one night the vet called and i cried.it was the saddest day of my whole entire life.i miss my little bird sam.
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   about my pets
i have seven pets and i love them all.i have two cats,two fish,two frogs,and one bird.the cats are named sabby and sweetie,the fish are tom and james,the frogs are elvice and persilla,and my bird is named cinderella.i used to have a bird named sammy and a fish named perccie.they both died in april realy close to easter sunday in 2007.but i love all of my pets the same way.
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