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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Me as a Busy Bee

What's up? I've been very busy myself. Let's see what's been going on (of course, nobody reads my blog, but oh well XD)

I got interviewed for the Haugse-Cossey Foundation scholarship. It's a renewable scholarship up to $8000 I think. So that would really help. The lady was so sweet and the interview went smoothly too. I hope she chooses me as the winner ^_^

Two Saturdays ago I went with Kenji to the Science Olympiad where I competed in various events like Health Science, Food Science, and Experimental Design. The first one dealt with questions about the heart and brain. I guess I didn't do well in it XD I helped Kenji out with the Food Science event. We had to put a piece of pineapple in some Jell-O and record our observations, answer some multiple choice questions about the chemical makeup of food, and do some molarity problems (we couldn't do that because we lacked a scientific calculator T_T). That was fun, but we didn't win that either. I partnered with another teammate of mine to do Experimental Design. We had to create our own experiment to find out which tape was stickier than masking tape. It turns out that the masking tape they gave us was the stickiest masking tape I've ever dealt with XD Plus, our experiment failed miserably. This just proves I suck at Statistics XD

I think the only group we did well in was the Circuit Lab *shrugs* I'm no good when it comes to those kinds of things.

For the last 3 days, I went to a local hotel for the HOSA State Leadership Conference. (More info on that can be found on the HOSA myspace page by clicking here) It was a blast and I may not have won my event (which was this Medical Terminology exam...it was even harder than the Health Science test I took at the Science Olympiad! XD), but I did win 4 free tickets to Roaring Springs! Hooray for raffles!

I'm excited for Prom! Oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever been this excited to something! I already picked out my dress (it's red, long, and not as elegant as my homecoming dress, but it still works). I'm even going to get my hair and nails done ^_^ I managed to find this place that will do my hair for $15, and my nails for $12. The corsage and boutonnière will cost around $12 at the floral place by my house. Kenji is going to look so handsome in his tuxedo! Now all I have left is to figure out is how much the smallest photo package will cost and where we're going to eat for dinner (I was thinking about a Teppanyaki restaurant or sushi ^_^) I just can't wait!

I'm also going to get my tooth implant in on the 24th. (Sadly, my orthodontist said that he'll take off my braces once my dentist puts on the crown to the implant, which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months! x_x) Oh well, it'll be worth it because I'll finally be able to smile with a full set of teeth ^_^

So now I hope things can slow down a little for me. I have to get my car's oil changed, finish up on those scholarships that I've applied for, send in my tax info to BSU's financial aid office, do some homework, and clean up the house a little. So much to do, so little time.
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