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My name is Secrecy...well it's more of a nickname given to me by someone i love dearly. I'm a young Pagan girl with a passion for knowledge. I honestly believe that there's not one thing my mind can't overcome. I'm mostly kind, somewhat apathetic...and when vexed, i can be downright cruel. So that's it. It's settled...You now all know that i'm human...If ever you need me, i'll be here.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

One Too Many...?

i'm starting to believe that i have way too many profiles up on the net...So, here i am sitting at my computer desk, pondering whether or not i should call back the man who wants to hire me...Tough life, wouldn't you agree? My cats are going at it again...and no, not in that sense you perverts. Even though, one IS female and the other male...Musashi (the male) is far too young to be doing such things with Toutoune (the female). They're actually just playing with my boyfriend's spongy orange earplugs...which i happen to be too lazy to pick up. Yet, i don't think they'll dare put the little things in their mouths because...well, it must taste terrible. All waxy and stuff...So, i doubt they'll choke. No worries. i'm rambling...aren't i? i suppose that's all for now. Take care. Peace.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Read Last Post Before Reading This...Or Go Ahead & Read The Warning...

[I advise anyone who hasn't read my post below to do so...Otherwise this little session won't make any sense whatsoever]

I forgot to mention the funniest thing earlier...Because i tend to be sneaky and i often bend the truth to make it a truth...

(hence why i got a Faery as a Giga Pet...If anyone's familiar with their background...Faeries will never straight-out lie...but they are known to bend the truth...Anywho, my bf calls me Pixie or Fae because of this similarity.)

Doo doo doo...Now, where was i? Oh yah, my boyfriend had me make this contract on paper last night stating exactly the following "If i open one present from my stocking tonight, December 21st, 2006. I am to leave all other presents, inside and outside of my stocking, unopen 'til December 25th of 2006" I also had to sign it...But see, thing is...I found something i can work with. Since, technically a new day starts at midnight...I can wait 'til Midnight strikes on December 24th unto December 25th....I don't have to wait 'til everyone wakes up. Mwahahahahaha! Mmmmevil! ^____^ *dances around* I'm such a kid. Peace


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Cheating X-mas...

[Just wanted to tell everyone in advance that i won't be able to get to your sites 'til maybe after the holidays...Sorry 'bout that. Oh yah, and my site will probably be completed it's "upgrade" by said date as well...Happy Holidays once again.]

I feel like such a turd..but still i'm happy! Last night i convinced my boyfriend to let me open something from my stocking...Yeah i know, very cheap of me. But, i just couldn't live with all the suspense...the guy wouldn't budge at all when i asked him small questions about what he got me. So, i told to him that since there was a lonely gift all by itself, sitting next to my stocking...but not IN my stocking, i should be allowed to open it. I told him that it wouldn't be fair to my brothers if my stocking was bigger than theirs...and the fact that it was so stuffed that something had to be left outside of it...that alone wasn't fair. Then he tried to explain to me that he was dating me and not my brothers...and yadda yadda.

Anywho, so in the end, i opened a gift that felt like it could have been makeup...I would have left it alone if it wasn't for my bf saying "I wouldn't open that one if i were you..." So, i opened it just to spite him *clears throat* and yeah...he got me a "Giga Pet" ^____^ A little Pixie to be exact. So, now i have something to do to keep my mind off the gifts 'til X-mas...And i'll have something to do while in the bus or the metro when going to school or work...While ppl play with their boring cellphones and MP3 players, i'll actually be entertained *little beep beep sounds* Although...i might have to work on the motion sickness...*queasy face* Peace.

P.S I'm not the only one who cheated x-mas...My younger brother got to open something and so did my boyfriend...I got him a big box of yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates...he's happy. ^____~

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Thursday, December 21, 2006


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