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Saturday, January 3, 2009

last post before heading off to school
Most of the important info was in my last post, but i want to thank you for the luck and wish you all the best this new year, set your goals high and reach them! my friends, you have been so good to me and i do hope i will still come by and visit you guys.
My excitement is growing as we get nearer to starting the semester, I hope to be able to make good friends with some of my classmates, but i am not so good at that... I almost got a assisting job and the nursing home and will try again during my summer break. I continued volunteering and had a really nice Christmas party with the residents. You guys all take care!
1. Study hard, make friends and complete school
2. Apply for a job and succeed
3. Remain happy and cheerful
4. Do not get stressed by school, learn to love learning
5. Continue exercising (will have no more p.e. class and very little time so this one might be challenging)

Peace be will all of you, and as usually, i will miss you, love Teresa (swords)

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