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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fellow Texans and Lousianians please stay safe this weekend
I am thinking of all of you in the way of the hurricane and flooding

La examin en el clase de espanol es el lunes. (My spanish test is monday)
I am taking my time to practice, so will ask a few question. Answer is spanish, english or whatever soots you best.
Como te llamas? (what is your name- first or nickname only)
De donde eres? (where are you from- dont be specific because of internet stalkers)
Como estas? (how are you doing right now)
Quando es tu cumpeanos? (when is your b-day)

thats all for now... thanks for helping. My week, other than the looming storm, went well. I wish to take a moment to thank all our soldiers defending our freedom and pray for all the victim of the terrorist attacks in America. I watched the 102 minutes yesterday. It was so devestating and very very depressing.

School is giong well. Im learning new songs on the piano. Im sore right now from my aquatic fitness. History is boring but seems easy. We are celebrating Constitution Day next wednesday so will be watching a movie instead of lecture. I was going to participate in the blood drvie but they think i have madcow... O.o

anyways, the best to you guys. have a safe weekend

and thanks for the comments ^__^ *hugs*

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