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Saturday, August 30, 2008

pokes sleeping Otakuians
I havent been here awhile, not much updating going on so i guess i wasnt modivated...
The first week of Fall semester went well as did my one week break. During the break I did some piano playing and was trying to defeat Arc the Lad for PS2. I am SOO close! *anticipation* I went to the nursing home alot :) but they are off this weekend. Any plans for the Labor Day? My school schedule is actually pretty good- wake up at 7 two days and 10 the other two days. I was really bored the first week since we kept getting out so early (have to wait for next class). I am hoping we will lose all the grumpy people that have been riding the bus with me. Other than that it is good though. not much else, just wanted to update... if you want and havent you can read my last post to pass time :)
Hasta Luego, lol...

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