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Friday, July 11, 2008

hey dudes and dudetes!
sorry i havent visited in awhile :( if i missed anything you want to share with me feel free to post it in a comment or pm me, i love hearing about your lives :)
Lately, I have been going to school- obvious huh? It has been going pretty good. I think i do like the elder population better than the kids, my hypersensitive ears cant stand all the screaming whether it is of glee, anger, or saddness... My aquatic fitness class is still going well and so is BCIS. We just finished midterm, quick huh? and so far I am mantaining my As pretty easily. My volunteering is limited to friday and occassionally sat because of all the reading i dont do during the week that i need to catch up on... My free computer time has been going toward obssessing over neopets latest competition...if you are a fan you know how addicting it can be. If not, you probably think i am really lame. I appologize again for not visiting and hopefully on thursday you will hear some good news from me :) its a secret *waves xellos fingers* just in case it doesnt happen.

have a good week all and i hope you Americans had a nice Independence Day! We had a bbq and sang songs :)

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