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I am Back I guess you can say??? I Won't check this very often because i mean there is nothing to do anymore.... so I just wanted to say Hi and that I will try to keep in contact w/ you all..... If i can't i am dreadfully sorry.... I lOve you all!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

   This is just something random!!!! Um if you want to use this question thing go ahead!!!
Number 1

What is their name?
Ri~ xD

What is their age?
-slaps you- How DARE you ask a woman their age!

Are you dating them?
-shakes head- Nu uh. :3

Do you find this person attractive?
>//> Well I mean, yeah.

Can you tell this person anything?
-nods- :3

What do you usually talk about?
Guys, Anime, Anything new with eachother's lives.

Have you ever gotten drunk with this friend?

Have you ever kissed them?
-blinks- o.o

Do they make you laugh?
Indeed they do.

What are some things you have in common?
Our names. XD
And our love fro drawing.

What is your favorite picture of this person?
One I have on my cell,
her looking up at my camera, pouting. -giggles-

Does this person have a job?
I dun't believe so. o.o
She applied at a local library though.

Why is this person your number 1?
It's not in any order,
I just read her journal so she was first to come to mind.

Are you first on their top as well?
o-o I dont think so?

Number 2

What is their name?
-sing song voice- Ahiru~!

Where did you meet them?
Old high school.

How long have you known them?
More than a year,
although we went to elementry together for a year.

Are you friends with any of their exes?
o.o She doesn't have an Ex.

Are they a close friend?

Do you have similar taste in music?
We do.

Do you like the way they dress?
I wanna steal some of her clothes. ;w;

What color is their hair?
Brown~ <3

Have you ever done something bad / illegal with them?

What's something you talk about a lot?
Anime. xD

When do you see this person?
Every friday.

Do they have any piercings?
o.o I THINK her ears are pierced.

Do they smile a lot?
:3 -nods-
If not Ill MAKE her smile!! >:3

Do they make you laugh?
-nods really fast- :3

Number 3

What is their name?
Jeremy! xD

Are they older, younger, or the same age as you?

How did you meet them?
It's a long story really. xD;;
Lets just say at lunch.

Have you ever kissed them?
-blinks- Nu uh. o.o

Do you like them more than a friend?
-smiles- He's a great guy, an awsome friend and very fun to be around.
One of my best friends. ^_^

Are they single or taken?
Shockingly single. o.o

What do you talk about a lot with this person?
Videogames, school, life. xD

Are you close to this person?
I'd say so.

What are some of their hobbies?
Singing, playing WoW, Uh...
Playing videogames? o.o;

What do you like most about this person?
I'd say how kind he is,
especially to people he doesn't know.

Do you like the way this person dresses?
xD He dresses the same everyday.
I'd like to see him in something other than a sweatshirt and jeans. o-o;

Have you told this person a secret?
I don't think so? o.o

What do you think this person will be when they get older?
An open, caring person. x3

Do you have a lot in common with them?
some things, yesh. :3

Number 4

What is their name?

Are they older, younger, or the same age as you?
Older. ;w;

Have you dated this person?
xD No.

What was your first impression of them?
She looked lonley and she was reading alone,
so a shy person?
(I was so wrong...)

Are you close with this person?
VERY. x3

What is their favorite band?
Oh god.
I have no idea. XD

Do you have any mutual friends?

What is this person's occupation?
Student? o.o

What was your last conversation about?
How she was in a large city. owo

Has this person ever drunk dialed you?
XD No.

Does this person have any nicknames?
....-cough Batman cough-

Where do they live?

What is your favorite memory with this person?
There's way to many.

Are they a good friend?
NO. D:<
Kidding, I love her so much. xD

Number 5

What is their name?

How long have you known them?
A year and a half?

Where did you meet them?

Have you ever dated them?
xD No.

When was the last time you saw them?
Like... 2 weeks ago?

What do you usually talk about?
Anime, school, life, videogames.

What are some things you two have in common?
Anime, videogames... xD

Does this person play any instruments?
Uhm... o.o I dont think so.

Do they make you laugh?
Indeed they do. :3

How often do you see this person?

Do you have similar taste in music?
Hey Luna, do you like waffles?

Do you know thir parents?
First off, it's "Their"
and yesh I do.

Do you like this person's default picture?
((dA icon))
xD Yeah, it makes me laugh.

What does this persons like to eat?
Chocolate. XD

Number 6

What is their name?

What is their age?
-slaps again- What's with you!?

Are they single or taken?
Taken, BY ME! (Kidding)

Do you find this person attractive?
VERY. <3

What was the last thing they said to you?
"Bye!" xD

Do you have their phone number?
Yesh. *w*

Do they live close to you?

What is your favorite picture of them?
All of them? :3

What type of music do they listen to?
A lot of different kinds. o.o

What was this person doing the first time you met them?
Looking at me strangley thinking "Who the hell?"

What song do you think fits them?
That's so hard... >w<
"Im on a boat"-SNL
Why? Because I can.

Do you like it?

Does this person smoke?
D:< She better not.

What is their astrological sign?

Number 7

What is their name?

How did you meet them?
S.W >.> <.< (Social worker)

How long have you known them?
3 years? o.o;

What did you first notice about this person?

What song matches them?
"Yoad"- Weird Al

What do you usually talk about?
Stuff? XD

What is their favorite band?
No idea. o-o....

What color eyes do they have?
Brown :3

When was the last time you talked?

Would you ever date this person?
I think that'd freak her out. XD

Does this person know any secrets about you?

Has this person ever drunk dialed you?
xD No.

Does this person have a nice voice?

Is this person more shy or outgoing?
Depends... xD

All of Them

Who is the funniest?
That's really hard... Batman.

Who do you find the most attractive?
ALL! :3

Which have you considered more than friends at one point?
-no comment-

Who has the best taste in music?
Hmm... I'd say All of them,
but I'd really say Ahiru. :3

Who is the most musically talented?

Who is the most intelligent?
Jeremy and Ronni tie.
((School wise guys o.o))

Who are you closest to?
All of them really.
Batman is the only friend that
really just comes and crashes at my house though.

Who do you have the most in common with?
I'd say... Either Jeremy or Batman.
Ahirus close too though.

Who is the loudest?

Who is the craziest?

Who is the most artistic?
Ri :3

Who have you known the longest?

How many do you see in person?

Who has the nicest eyes?
Ri hands down.

Who is most in shape?
Kara, she dances. XD

Which have shirtless pictures on their myspace?

How many wear makeup?
3? o.o;

How many are not single?
None. -facepalm/laugh-

How many have seen you naked?
O_O Jesus none!
What do you think I am? A perv!?

Which have tattoos?
No one that I know of. o.o

Who knows you the best?
Batty and Dana. Ri too.
...Ronni too and Kara...
I haven't known him long enough yet.

Who do you fight with the most?
I know he's not on the list but MAN!
That guy... XD

How many smoke?
None- That I know of.

How many drink?
None? o.o

Have any of them ever been arrested?
Shockingly not. XD

Who has the coolest shoes?
Ri. -nodnod-

Who writes the best blogs?
Luna. :3

Do you share the same religion as any of them?
I don't have a religion. XD

Do any of them share your astrological sign?
I dunno... Anyone a Cancer?

Are any of them in bands?
Nu uh.

How many have graduated highschool?
None. xD

Which has the cutest voice?
That's... so hard...
x.x Ri or Ahiru.

Which has the nicest accent?
Someone has an accent!?

Have you / would you have sex with any of them?
Woah woah WOAH!...WOAH.
Uhhhm... I'm not going to awsner thins. xD

Who is the best singer?
Kara and Ronni. :3 Ri too and Ahiru!

Who is the best dancer?

Who is the most like you?
No idea. xD

Who has the best hair?
I dunno. o.o

Who has the best makeup?
-personally against makeup-
I don't any of them wear alot of makeup... o.o

Who shares your political views?
I dont have any political veiws. XD

Who's profile do you visit the most?
o.o All equally.
I like to see what they're up to. :3

Which can play guitar?
Ri (Well, Bass but some thing? XD)
And Jeremy too.

Who do you talk to the most?
I think Jeremy, because I go to school with him.

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