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Thursday, March 15, 2007

http://www.starmakersrising.com/images/Inuyasha%20jpg%202.jpgHi everyone. It's been so long since I had time to look at my otaku..sorry. Anyway I have news or thoughts. For instance I got invited to the "NSC" in my school, what an honor! Besides that my class (Video Squad-Multemedia) got the honor for schotting, filming, and capturing the "Shattered Dreams" project. It is about one drunk guy kills many people and her gets arrested, police everwhere, a grim reaper walking around school killing, a helicopter landing in our school and stuff. Of course it wasen't real but we wanted others to learn not to DRINK and DRIVE. It was fun! Um...what else to say? I have no clue. OH yeah whoever has the chance to see MARS drama see it, I love it! It was so beautiful.
Oh yeah! Almost forgot am passing Geometry wiht a 88%-first time. I first had a 75%, then 70%, then 68%, and now 88%. Just so you know am bad at math, all my other courses am taking are going great, excepct for that class. Now am happy am passing math.Well I should stop talking now....to myself.Well whoever read this thank you and take care, bye.

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***** Sorry to everyone for not visting your otaku sites...I will try to be on more if I can-thank you*****

***I thought this video was cute..um..yeah and I love the song-well enjoy.

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