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Hi there welcome to my site! im sweet chick (tho my mates think im as sweet as a lemon!)im 23 an i am currently on the hunt for a new job! i used to own my own pet shop in a wee place called ballymena tho! big heeeeeelllllloooo 2 my mates (chony, mush an sally!!)an my wee sis becky rrrrrarrrrrrrrrr kiddo!!!!
For those of you that know nothin bout me heres a quick wee round up!

ღ *♥ღ*gσєѕ ву*: Laura but a couple of my mates call me Bessie!
ღ♥ღ*вιятн ρℓαє*: Norn Iron!!(Northern Ireland for those who dont speak Northern Irish lol)
ღ♥ღ*ѕтαяѕιgи*: Taurus mooooo
ღ♥ღ*ѕтαтz*: now now thats tellin!
ღ♥ღ*є∂υαтє∂*. Cambridge House Girls Grammer School.....ooooooooo very posh lol!
ღ♥ღ*ℓινєs*: like i said Northern Ireland woop woop! seriously tho its a class place to live...really green!
ღ♥ღ*ℓσσкz тняυ*: big blues
ღ♥ღ*вяυѕнєѕ*: long brown hair
ღ♥ღ*αℓωαуz*: smiles (smilins good for u it makes u live longer an it makes everyone rond u smile too :)
so there u go!

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woo hoo yuki^^

Sunday, February 24, 2008

   new piccy!
hi again! back with another pic! its of ikuto an amu from shugo chara! i had no idea this manga even existed til clouds of dreams mentioned it to me an now im kinda intrested in gettin it myself! (thanx a lot my mums goin to kill me if i get any more books lol my rooms over run!)i luv the stlye of the characters its very fruits basket-like which i just luv! well this mite be the last piccy for a wee while at least i think cause i was at a ground fightin course yesterday an my left thumb got recked...my drawin hand typical like! was a class course tho ground fightin really seems to suit me for sum reason its bein held ever month now an i cant wait for the next one!! was with a guy tho made it a wee bit awkward if you no wot i mean lol!!! well chat later got loads of chillin out to do now see ya:)
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

wow back again an so soon!! yep ive another piccy up its of kakashi this time i jus luv him hes so damn cool (kakashi is, not my pic lol!!) so check it out k! thats bout it for now nothin major or excitin happenin im afraid lol so ill see ya when i have another pic k!
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Saturday, February 9, 2008

bye bye chony!!!!
omg im so annoyed i hafta say bye bye to one of my staff this week:( her course is finished so she'll be leavin! shes worked with me for 2 years an now shes goin an ill be on my own (the other 2 are gone as well!! mushs course finished an my cuz has bin havin bad asthma attacks so he had to leave 2!)god its goin to be wierd without her to yell at lol!! i dont want her to leave its not fair but i cant afford to pay her full time:( but i guess itll be fine i used to work on my own all the time so ill just hafta adjust again! woo now ive had a wee rant think i shud let u no i have a new piccy up of ichigo from bleach check it out if u have the time k an gimme a shout on what u think of it k!
see ya:)

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