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Hi! my name is Haley, but you can call me Suri.
i am a huge fan of Disney movies and most of all Anime/Manga.
I have light Godlen blond hair with Violet eyes that sometimes change differnt colors like hasil, blue,or green. But most of the time Violet. I am a humungus animal lover and have 3 cats and a Hedgehog at home.
Feel free to sign my G.B and i will most surnatinly sign your in return.
I hope you injoy my site! :D


i wish that i was a mermaid^^

Friday, March 30, 2007

Im going to be changing my account!
The reason why is becuase i dont like any of my pictures and want to start over. i am chaning my style of drawing as well, so ill be puting it on my other account. My new user name will probobly be Melody-Princess. If not , then it will tell you other wise. I am leaving this account up, just so people did read this message yet.
I love you all!


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