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hiyas ^,..,^
uhhhh..... i havent been on here in.... maybe a year ^_^. but i should be checking up and stuff over summer here and there. im taking requests for whateverish. ive got time on mah hands. sit and sit n such. just play flyff XD. purdy boring. sooo yesh. i do a lot of tattoo work nowadays. uhhhh..... iono what else XD. im addicted to smilehs :P. sooooo feel free to message me or whatever floats your boat ^_^.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

  hmmmm... someones lazy.
suprisingly enooooough
its me.
well im off on vacation next week
to.... wyoming?
not really a vacation i guess
just a long car ride
for leisurly purposes
and reading in the vehicle
go me
possibly some drawing
we'll seeeee
well if anyones bored here
check out the art n such while im gone :P
ive been playing with photoshop a lot lately
oodles of fun for pictureses
might just add some out of boredom
woop woop
have a good week or so XP.

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