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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holy shit its been a long time. No one ever gets on anymore. Well i just wanted to post since i havent in like 2 years.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am so tired of having fake friends! Today i got an email from one og my best friends today and she said that we were polar opposites and she didnt like some of the things I did. Well I asked her about it and she was like she didnt like that I was shy and quiet. She said I never talk in the conversations at lunch and i told her it was because I didnt have anything to do woth the conversations because I didnt even know the people they talk about. She was like we talk about more than people we talk about life as well. Im the type of person who doesnt really say much unless someone asks me or I get really pissed off. She also told me that i need to have more confidence or pretend that I do. I was pissed when she told me that. I can try to get confidence but there is no way in hell that i will ever pretend to be someone Im not. She told me she was tired of trying to get me to be more outgoing and that she was tired of my so called semi depression as she called it. So she basically told me that I wasnt outgoing enough and too shy to be her friend!! That is so stupid in my opinion! If your someones friend you should accept them as they are right? Grr I hate this!!! because im shy i dont have that many friends, so now I have no one to eat lunch with and my other friends table in chemistry is full so I dont know what im going to do!! I hate that im shy but i cant just change that very easily. I miss all my middle school friends...most of them were real friends. None of them go to my high school though. It fucking sucks.
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